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Wednesday, Feb 27

Mediabistro Chats: 02.27.13


Mediabistro What do you think is the most annoying habit of co-workers? (via @MediaJobsDaily)

twitter@BronMeredythe Listening to bagpipe music. Loud bagpipe music...

twitter@brainypintsizer Women and their gossip. Yes, I said it (and I'm female). Just get to work; stop the excessive chatter!

twitterDane Kantner Calling and hanging up, without leaving a voicemail, until you answer.

twitterLisa Palladino Too much perfume/cologne; slurping drinks and/or food; yelling at the computer ("Why are you so slow?").

twitterDonna Batchelor Funny you should ask...right now I'm listening to one curse like a sailor...not cool at work...

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