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Tuesday, Mar 12

Mediabistro Chats: 03.12.13


Mediabistro Do you think it is bad digital etiquette to ask a question that is easily Google-able? (@nytimes)

twitter@lucasmillerwsu Just b/c something is easily Google-able doesn't mean asking someone their take on it is bad etiquette

twitter@SteffaniMaxwell Depends on the question, sometimes people are just trying to spark a broader convo. I agree w/ @lucasmillerwsu's point.

twitter@smidbeach Yes, #Imeasilyannoyed by Google-able Qs, but I cut people slack w/ "expendable" thank Us.

twitter@DettieDowntown Yes, and I knew I wasn't alone. Texts that say "thx" and I have to walk across the room to read in particular.

twitter@KET13 Yes. Yes I do.

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