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Wednesday, Mar 20

Mediabistro Chats: 03.20.13


Mediabistro Do you think it's appropriate for newscasters to share personal things on the air? (via @TVSpyNews)

twitter@MSRG_Pubs That proposal was clever and adorable, but now it's been done. I wouldn't want to see stuff like this all the time.

twitter@MelissaBronson yes, it normalizes them as a person and the audience may feel like they can relate to them.

twitter@Ziemba It is too self serving. It feels as if they need more attention and are just taking advantage of the medium

twitterSarah J. Symonds I do think it's appropriate as the news is so depressing these days! Let's have some anchor gossip!

twitterRebekkah Rainey Craw No. Journalists should report the news, not try to be the news. Otherwise, they're talk show hosts, and I'm not interested.

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