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Friday, Apr 26

Mediabistro Chats: 04.26.13


Mediabistro How do you feel about services that manage users' social media presence after death? Useful? Creepy?

twitter@GoneGlutenFree CREEPY!!!

twitter@SteffaniMaxwell @GoneGlutenFree Ok w/continuing a website in someone's honor, memorializing Facebook pages -- not always w/posting as the deceased.

twitter@SteffaniMaxwell ...but I also think it depends on context; accounts parodying or honoring (usu. long) deceased can be interesting.

twitterAdelyn Biedenbach kinda creepy/egotistical

twitterMovable Content A tad bit creepy. But we can see why families might want to keep profiles open and alive for loved ones to see and pay their respects.

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