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Wednesday, Dec 12

Mediabistro Chats: 12.12.12


Mediabistro Should journos be expected not to respond to critics on Facebook? (via @Poynter)

twitter@peterleung Not at all. Journalism is the starting point of discussion. Vigorous debate is the ultimate goal.

twitterJeffrey Sykes Her reply was sensible and well stated. Management should have ok'd her desire to respond to the drivel put forth.

twitterDoug Wilson Station policy prohibited her responding in any fashion -- she violated that policy and her employer responded. End of story.

twitterJustin McLaughlin It's not the end of the story if the policy is unfair. That's the discussion we should be having. Being a journalist shouldn't mean you have to take any vitriol dished out at you.

twitterChristy Karras Weird. A lot of news organizations actually like it when their people respond to comments. I've seen it start dialogues, clear up misunderstandings and elevate the nature of comments in general. How is that a bad thing?

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