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Tuesday, Dec 18

Mediabistro Chats: 12.18.12


Mediabistro Do you think journos should show more emotion when reporting on the Newtown shootings? (via @dailydload)

twitter@TommyW I think they should go... This excellent BBC report is to the point.

twitter@kaleighpm as a student journalist, I've had a hard time even thinking about reporting such a situation without revealing my emotions.

twitterRachel Varla I think it's ok for journalists to show real emotion because they are human. But if you have to take all emotion out of reporting then covering the Newtown event would be no different than a bad traffic day.

twitterJoseph Puchalik What I think they should do is STOP talking about it. If you go to a baseball game and streak center field, they won't put you on TV b/c they don't want to encourage more people to try it. Yet if you go to a school and shoot 30 people dead, you're on TV for weeks.

twitterFira Zainal No. Reporters should convey the emotions of the people affected by an event, not be an event themselves. It just seems too fake and too "for the ratings."

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