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Wednesday, Dec 26

Mediabistro Chats: 12.26.12


Mediabistro Do you think it was wrong for this newspaper to publish the info of gun owners? (via @CNN)

twitter@raffine9 if the information is publicly available, no problem. Don't want notoriety, don't own a gun

twitterSteven Michael It oughtta make the gun owners happy, it should help prevent ppl from entering their home (at least the ppl without the vests and ak-47s)

twitterTheresa M. Collins newspapers have been publishing public records databases for years. Better question is: Which bugs you more? Newspaper publishing database of gun permits, or FBI surveillance of Occupy Wall Street?

twitterShaun Dakin Gun rights people love the second Amendment.. The first amendment? Not so much.

twitterbrian pollot Look gun permit owner information is available to everyone through the freedom of information act. The problem I see with the publishing of this information is that now you've made easy for criminals to know where to find guns...

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