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Friday, Sep 07

Are You Sick of Political Posts on Your Facebook News Feed?

sickofpoliticalposts.jpgIt's election season, and Facebook news feeds are swarming with politics. Are political posts on your news feed good for democracy? Or just plain annoying? If you subscribe to the latter, AllFacebook has the guide for you.

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Jill Prince Kimmins Yes! My husband and I think it's rude and inappropriate to put negative political comments on facebook and we are so tired of seeing them. I was joking last night that I wish there were a way to block political comments from my facebook feed. I logged on at 6 this morning to see random comments like "Shut up [candidate's name]" in my newsfeed. There's no need for that! Thank you for this article!

Pamela Narins Not at all. FB is the modern Agora. It's a town square where people get to talk about what's on their minds. Open conversation in all its messiness. I would think we'd all be delighted that people are involved in the process. If you don't like what people are saying, discuss it with them or ignore the post. Simple.

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