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Morning Media Newsfeed 02.12.12

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TV News Coverage Of The Death Of Whitney Houston (TVNewser)
The news of the death of Whitney Houston broke at 7:57 p.m. ET, when The Associated Press sent a breaking news alert and tweet announcing the news. The cable news networks began covering the story moments later, without yet knowing a cause of death or where she was when she died. Houston was 48 years old. TVNewser During the early coverage of the death of Houston, around 8:40 p.m. ET, CNN entertainment reporter Alan Duke reported that singer Ray J. had discovered Houston's body in her room at the Beverly Hilton. He sourced the news to a close friend of the hip-hop artist. But a few minutes later, after hearing from Ray J.'s publicist, Duke went on the air to report that Ray J. "was nowhere near there when Whitney died." Mashable As the music community (and Internet as a whole) reacted to the untimely death of Houston, the Recording Academy was scrambling to arrange a tribute for Sunday night's Grammy Awards. LA Times / Pop & Hiss Grammy executive producer Ken Erhlich and his team were scrambling Saturday night to find a poignant and proper way to mark the passing of Houston, and their plan was to have Jennifer Hudson perform a "respectful musical tribute" on the CBS broadcast Sunday night. Multichannel News CNBC will air a Dateline special at 7 p.m. Sunday that will look at the life of the legendary singer, actress, and producer who won six Grammy Awards, two Emmy Awards, and 30 Billboard Music Awards across her extensive career. The special, anchored by Lester Holt, will report on Houston's life and career and the reaction from those who knew her, according to CNBC officials. THR / The Live Feed With a cover of Houston's/Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" set to be included in the Tuesday episode of Glee, producers of the Fox musical dramedy Saturday were mulling whether to add a tribute to the late singer during the episode. Mashable Already, tributes and messages praising Whitney are taking over Twitter and Facebook streams. Music moguls such as Russell Simmons and singers including Rihanna and Mariah Carey were among the biggest names in entertainment who offered their sympathy and reflected on Houston's musical legacy. Forbes Carey (who sang a duet with Whitney for the movie The Prince of Egypt), Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan, Nicki Minaj, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, and more reacted to Houston's death on Twitter. THR / The Live Feed Simon Cowell called into CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight Saturday evening to talk about the sudden passing of Whitney Houston -- and also confirmed The Hollywood Reporter's news that he was considering Houston as an X Factor judge.

Ed Moss Appointed President And CEO Of The Denver Post (Denver Post)
Digital First Media named Ed Moss, former publisher of the San Diego Union-Tribune, as the Denver Post's new president and chief executive Friday. FishbowlLA Moss exited the Tribune ranks in December, when the paper was sold to Douglas Manchester. He replaces Jerry Grilly, who is retiring.

NBC Entertainment Chief Spending Big Bucks As Pink Slips Loom For Marketing Department (NY Post)
NBC entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt is looking to slim down his bloated marketing department as part of an overhaul of the struggling Peacock Network. THR The pink slips are being doled out across NBC's marketing and publicity ranks. The news of structural changes comes as entertainment chairman Greenblatt continues to populate the ratings-challenged network with former Showtime colleagues, from marketing chief Len Fogge to publicity honcho Richard Licata. In doing so, Greenblatt has brought a cable mentality to the promotion of his fare, as evidenced by the lavish campaign for Monday's musical drama, Smash, and reality break-out The Voice.

Netflix Settles Class-Action Video Privacy Lawsuit For $9 Million (Multichannel News)
Netflix paid $9 million to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the video-subscription company of violating the federal Video Privacy Protection Act, it disclosed in a regulatory filing Friday. paidContent In the lawsuit, former customers said they discovered Netflix still had their personal information when they went to resubscribe to the service later on. This information includes viewing histories, or "queues," which Netflix uses to predict what subscribers might want to watch next.

Sun Journalists Arrested As Bribe Probe Widens (WSJ)
British authorities investigating potential cases of journalists paying bribes for information arrested another round of high-ranking employees of News Corp.'s tabloid, The Sun, and said they are now probing suspected payments not just to police, but to other public officials. / Media Alley News Corp. said Saturday that it provided the information to the police that resulted in the arrest of five of its journalists earlier in the day. HuffPost / AP Britain's biggest-selling newspaper was fighting to contain the damage after five employees at The Sun tabloid were arrested Saturday in an inquiry into the alleged payment of bribes to police and other officials.

Grammy Awards Said To Command $800,000 For 30-Second Ad (NYT / Media Decoder)
What is the dollar value of the recent ratings turnaround for the Grammy Awards? According to one report, that increased viewership translates into an additional $750,000 per minute. Mashable Who's going to win a Grammy Sunday? Webtrends gives us a sneak preview, using Twitter as its crystal ball. Twitter Blog We've teamed up with more than 25 artists across several genres including pop, electronic, and indie rock to bring you Grammy commentary you won't see anywhere else.

Who Put Sports In My Twitter Again? The Jeremy Lin Explainer (AllThingsD)
Bad news for people who like tech but not sports: You're going to have to read about basketball for a bit. Mashable Welcome to the Linternet. After a 38-point outing to lead the New York Knicks over Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers Friday night, point guard Jeremy Lin has tightened the stranglehold he's had on the World Wide Web since his improbable surge to National Basketball Association stardom began just several days ago. CNET In four days, the number of people following @JLin7 surpassed 150,000 and is projected to net more than 400,000 within 15 days. Not bad for a guy who was a media nobody before "Linsanity" abruptly entered the lexicon. NYT He charmed an arena, then a city, then the globe. He inspired nicknames and impulsive paeans. He stunned fans and skeptics alike. And through it all, this curious new star, Lin, ruled Twitter from the moment he wandered onto the court in the first quarter of a midseason game between two teams that lose more often than they win. HuffPost Count MSNBC's Chris Hayes as one of the many people who have been swept up by "Linsanity." Forbes After leading the Knicks to their fifth straight win Saturday night, over the Minnesota Timberwolves, unheralded Lin may accomplish something that superstars Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire failed to: end the long battle between Madison Square Garden and Time Warner Cable, the cable company that dominates New York City. NYT Forty-one days have passed since MSG Network disappeared from Time Warner Cable. Eighteen Knicks games, 12 Rangers games, 17 Islanders games, and 16 Devils games have been missed by Time Warner Cable customers in the New York market. It's a blackout that feels like a lockout.

CNN Cuts Staff In Jerusalem (TVNewser)
CNN's international downsizing goes beyond what we reported at two Asia bureaus last week. CNN has cut the number of staffers in the Jerusalem bureau, from 10 to six. An editor, producer, cameraman, and desk editor were among those let go late last month. CNN / PressRoom Rumors that CNN is only employing Arabs in its Jerusalem bureau are completely false. There are Israeli Jews working in CNN's Jerusalem bureau. The bureau chief, Kevin Flower, is not Arab, as some have speculated. We strongly reject any suggestion that the reorganization in the Jerusalem bureau is in any way based on the small number of contract employees concerned being Israeli, particularly given CNN's long history of working with locals in the region.

Record Political Advertising As Swing-State Cash Spreads To Local Outlets (AdAge / MediaWorks)
Broadcasters are attracting record political advertising from the Republican presidential primaries, a super PAC-driven windfall that will grow in the general election. Inside Facebook Rick Santorum gained close to 9,000 new Facebook fans in a single day after winning the Republican presidential primaries in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado Tuesday.

A Newspaper, And A Legacy, Reordered (NYT)
On a Sunday in early December, Marcus Brauchli, executive editor of The Washington Post, summoned some of the newspaper's most celebrated journalists to a lunch at his home, a red brick arts-and-crafts style in the suburb of Bethesda, Md. He asked his guests -- who included Pulitzer Prize-winners Bob Woodward, Dana Priest, David Maraniss, and Rick Atkinson, along with Dan Balz, the paper's chief correspondent, and Robert G. Kaiser, a senior writer and editor who has been with the paper since 1963 -- to help him, and the Post. He wanted to know how they thought the Post was covering the 2012 election and what might be improved. The paper, they told him, needed to strike a better balance between the ferocious 24/7 news cycle and more ambitious longer-term projects. Newsroom morale was suffering and needed his attention.

Journal Columnist Jeffrey Zaslow Dies At 53 (WSJ)
Jeffrey Zaslow, a longtime Wall Street Journal writer and best-selling author with a rare gift for writing about love, loss, and other life passages with humor and empathy, died at age 53 Friday of injuries suffered in a car crash in northern Michigan. NYT / Media Decoder We admired Jeff for his knack for stretching the restraints of financial journalism in the most delightful ways, even when he was writing about futures markets as a cub reporter in the 1980s. His subjects' humanity, and his, of course, would shine through. GalleyCat Zaslow was the author of The Magic Room and co-author of The Last Lecture, Gabby: A Story of Courage, and Hope and Highest Duty.

Roland Martin Remains On TV One (B&C)
Washington Watch with Roland Martin will go on as planned Sunday, a spokesperson for TV One said late Friday.

It's Not TV, It's Amazon (AllThingsD)
Hulu has Paul the Male Matchmaker, Netflix has Lilyhammer and House of Cards. And what does Amazon have in the way of original video programming? Nothing much yet. But that may soon change. Wired / Epicenter Amazon won't be offering a stand-alone or premium subscription video service that isn't bundled with Amazon Prime's two-day shipping of retail goods from Not now, not in the near future -- maybe not ever. The integration Prime offers across Amazon's product lines is simply too important to the company's whole business.

Making The Perfect Cover Girl (
Retouching is like tequila. Sure, a little makes everybody look better. But go too far and you feel like puking.

O'Donnell Calls Trump A 'Buffoon,' Trump Responds: 'Lawrence Is The Dumbest Man On Television' (TVNewser)
Donald Trump and MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell are at it again.

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