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Monday, Nov 05

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.05.12

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A Weekend of Rehearsing Before Tuesday's Big Night (TVNewser)
The graphics are being tweaked, vote totals and exit polls are being tested, steadi-cams are on the move, anchors are rehearsing, directors are calling shots, decision desks are pouring through scenarios, and producers, technicians, make-up artists and dozens of other tvnewsers are putting the finishing touches on a weekend of rehearsals preparing for Tuesday's election night coverage. Detroit Free Press / AP The days of watching Election Night coverage on a single television set may soon be a quaint anachronism. Americans have an array of alternatives for following returns on Tuesday night. Television news divisions are throwing everything they have into the story, and second-screen options are abounding. NYT Now the media are gearing up for election night, the finale of the year's biggest story. It's a chance to regain some credibility -- presuming, of course, that television networks and other news organizations get their state-by-state projections right. Politico / Dylan Byers on Media The game is over, and the "Redskins Rule" favors Mitt Romney. Since the NFL's Redskins moved to Washington in 1937, the rule has held true: When the team won their pre-election home game, the candidate from the party that won the previous election's popular vote won the White House. When the Redskins lost, the candidate from that party lost. The Daily Beast / Election Beast We still have to go through the ritual of holding the election on Tuesday, but the media's forecasters have placed their bet, and the overwhelming consensus is that the president will win a second term. Tampa Bay Times / Eric Deggans If you've been reading press coverage of the election as the final days wind down, it's hard not to wonder if some media types are starting to lose it -- just a little bit. The Collegian With the presidential elections Tuesday, it is more important than ever to understand the major issues at hand and where each candidate stands. Media outlets are usually pretty good at covering the debates and speeches that the candidates make, but they don't really focus on the main issues. Ad Week Old habits die hard, even when it comes to new media and political advertising. As candidates hit the home stretch last week, they ramped up their ad spending on TV as well as online video.

New York Magazine's Stunning Hurricane Sandy Cover (HuffPost)
The cover of the latest issue of New York magazine offers a powerful glimpse of Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy. Poynter / MediaWire Shooting in the dark, with a handheld camera, in a vibrating helicopter, 5,000 feet above land sounds like a photographer's nightmare. But Iwan Baan made it look easy. The Dutch photographer's image of a half-illuminated, half-powerless New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy captured the nation's attention on the cover of New York magazine. International Design Times The amazing Manhattan blackout photo was taken by Baan from the air south of Manhattan, capturing a sweeping view of an island divided into what some have taken to calling "A Tale of Two Cities." Archinect Everyone's favorite architecture photographer, Baan, shows the world his magic with this week's cover of New York magazine. Brilliant. Yahoo! News / The Lookout According to the editors' note, it was the clear choice for the cover "for the way it fit with the bigger story we have tried to tell here about a powerful city rendered powerless."

Ad Dollars Follow Sandy to Weather Channel (B&C)
For the Weather Channel, Sandy was a perfect storm, bringing record numbers of viewers on TV, an all-time high in digital traffic and the advertising dollars that go with them. Ad Age The effects of Hurricane Sandy will reverberate for weeks as marketers and agencies across more than a dozen states tally storm-related losses and make up for lost business days. SmartPlanet Last week, Hurricane Sandy put a halt to nearly everything on the East Coast from power lines to public transportation. One thing it didn't seem to lull? Marketers and advertisers looking to capitalize on the storm's newsworthy status. AppNewser Twitter has proven to be a great communications tool during and after Hurricane Sandy. Twitter tweeted some metrics about how people used the site. Twitter wrote, "People sent more than 20 million Tweets about the storm between Oct 27 & Nov 1. Terms tracked: 'sandy,' 'hurricane,' #sandy, #hurricane." Ad Week With an estimated 8.1 million TV viewers without power, following news of the storm became an exercise in battery preservation. Screens dimmed to save juice and people activated the Twitter app on their smartphones, listening for virtual voices raised against the howling of the storm.

Twitter Starts Withholding Rather than Deleting Copyright-Infringing Tweets (ZDNet)
Twitter is now withholding tweets when people complain they contain or link to copyright-infringing material, rather than deleting them. GigaOM In the past, such complaints caused tweets to vanish without a trace but now people can see the place where a tweet once stood -- and the reaction to its disappearance. The Verge Instead the company will take a less drastic approach, replacing the content in question with a message explaining that it's being withheld due to a complaint. SlashGear According to Twitter's legal policy chief, Jeremy Kessel, the change offers "more transparency by processing copyright reports by withholding Tweets, not removing," though some users have still criticized the approach for potentially censoring first and investigating second.

NBC Peppered by Online Critics in Shuffle of Hosts (NYT / Media Decoder)
Same outrage, same channel, different co-host. The Today show's Facebook page lit up this weekend when Erica Hill became a co-host of Weekend Today, the Saturday and Sunday offshoot of the NBC morning show. Hundreds of fans said they were dismayed by the network's decision to bump Jenna Wolfe, the previous co-host on Sundays, out of the job. Radar Online "After NBC confirmed last week that Erica had been hired as the new co-host, Jenna was told she was being moved to being the news anchor," a show insider tells Radar. "This is a huge step backwards for Jenna, and she is obviously extremely upset about it. Jenna doesn't understand why she was essentially kicked to the curb. Jenna doesn't harbor any bad feelings towards Erica, but she is upset with how the network has treated her."

What Election? Sandy's the Big Story on SNL (Yahoo! News / AP)
You wouldn't have known it was the Saturday before the election on Saturday Night Live. Sure, Mitt Romney, played by Jason Sudeikis, made a quick appearance on "Weekend Update," but otherwise much of the focus was on Superstorm Sandy -- and Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sign-language interpreter, Lydia Callis. TVNewser In what's become a quite regular skit, Saturday Night Live had a send-up of Fox & Friends again Saturday night, complete with Donald Trump. "I will give $1 million to my charity, Trump's Buddies, which pays inner city kids to throw garbage at Rosie O'Donnell." E! Online / TV Scoop Meanwhile, Seth Meyers' "Weekend Update" made light of the terrible storm, joking, "Four days after Hurricane Sandy hit New York, power was restored Friday night to the majority of Manhattan, helping thousands of people in the boroughs reunite with loved ones," and showed a man hugging his iPad.

Sandy Benefit Concert Draws $23 Million in Pledges (Yahoo! News / AP)
NBC says its benefit concert for Superstorm Sandy victims drew nearly $23 million in donations to the American Red Cross. Friday's hour-long telethon included performances by artists native to the areas hardest hit by Sandy, including New Jersey natives Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel of New York's Long Island. The Inquisitr According to the Red Cross the amount of charity support via phone traffic exceeded all other charity efforts over the last five years.

Lakers Channel Inks Deal with Cox as Holdouts Remain (THR)
There's good news for some more Los Angeles Lakers fans in Southern California. Time Warner Cable said late Sunday that it has signed a new deal with Cox Communications to carry Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes. LA Times / Company Town The agreement ends a standoff between the two companies that had been going on for weeks. Cox is expected to start carrying SportsNet and its Spanish-language companion channel Deportes early this week and in time for Wednesday's Lakers game against the Utah Jazz.

30 Twitter Users Now Have More than 10 Million Followers (AllTwitter)
Back in May 2011, Lady Gaga became the first Twitter user to reach 10 million followers. Following our last update, six new users have gained entry into Twitter's 10 million club -- Instagram, Twitter en español, Adele, Snoop Dogg, Demetria Lovato and Miley Cyrus -- which brings this still very exclusive membership to a total of 30.

Facebook Tests Pages Feed, Letting Fans See All Posts from Pages (AllFacebook)
Facebook pages want their fans to see all of their posts. Facebook fans want to see all of the posts from their pages. It appears that Facebook is listening to these complaints.

Phone Hacking: New Texts Between Rebekah Brooks, David Cameron Released (HuffPost / AP)
A British lawmaker called Sunday for the country's media ethics inquiry to publish all the text messages it has between Prime Minister David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks, the ex-chief executive of Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper division, who now faces charges over the country's tabloid phone hacking scandal.

Will Anyone Crack the Secret Sauce of Facebook's Keyword Search? (Forbes / Ewan Spence)
With Facebook's move into paid-for keyword placement in App Center (their index of applications that run on Facebook), every developer will be looking to find the right mix of advertising spend and income to build a hit application.

Android Gains in Tablets, Apple Slows in Third Quarter -- IDC (CNET)
Apple's tablet market share took a hit as consumers "sat out" the third quarter in anticipation of the iPad Mini, analyst firm IDC said. Android tablets made gains as a result.

On Google, a Political Mystery That's All Numbers (WSJ)
Google Inc.'s quest to guess what we want before we want it has produced an unusual side effect: a disparity in the results the company presents about the presidential candidates.

Another One Bites the Dust: Macmillan Drops its Printed Dictionaries to Go Online Only (TheNextWeb)
Back in March, we reported that Wikipedia and the Internet had finally killed off 244-year-old Encyclopaedia Britannica. While this wasn't massively surprising, and is very much indicative of the way things are going across the media world, it was still a poignant moment. With that in mind, another well-known brand in the print-based publishing sphere is unfurling the white flag and giving in to the digital revolution, with Macmillan Dictionaries ceasing print to go online only.

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