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Morning Media Newsfeed 11.07.12

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Obama Wins New Term as Electoral Advantage Holds (NYT)
Barack Hussein Obama was re-elected president of the United States on Tuesday, overcoming powerful economic headwinds, a lock-step resistance to his agenda by Republicans in Congress and an unprecedented torrent of advertising as a divided nation voted to give him more time. Time / Swampland A hurricane couldn't stop it. Two billion dollars couldn't buy it. A weak economy couldn't swing it. Americans re-elected Obama on Tuesday, affirming the goals of the president's tumultuous first term and giving him a second. The Washington Post Obama, the nation's first African American president, scored a decisive victory by stringing together a series of narrow ones. Of the election's seven major battlegrounds, he won at least six. LA Times The outcome was surprisingly swift. The TV networks called the race against Republican Mitt Romney less than 20 minutes after the polls closed on the West Coast, as a succession of battleground states tipped the president's way. TVNewser NBC gets the bragging rights for being the first to call the election for Obama at 11:12 p.m. ET. An Ohio victory put the president over the top. CBS followed at 11:15 p.m., then Fox News, CNN and at 11:25 p.m. ABC News. USA Today Obama's first election in 2008 demonstrated the possibilities of a coalition of this emerging electorate. His re-election shows that coalition is here to stay, says analyst Ruy Teixeira, co-author of The Emerging Democratic Majority. "Even in a pretty difficult economy, it's got staying power; it sticks with the incumbent enough to re-elect him." NBC News Emerging early in the hours on Wednesday in Chicago to the tune of Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" the president struck an upbeat note about the challenges that lie ahead during a second term, with which he'll have to reckon almost immediately in the next few weeks. Politico Obama will take this win -- and he made an argument in a passionate victory speech for a détente with national Republicans, who have failed at their objective to make him a one-term president. The Hill "Whether I have earned your vote or not, I have listened to you, I have learned from you and you have made me a better president," he said. Roll Call Romney conceded the election in a brief speech at 12:55 a.m., offering his congratulations to Obama. "I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation," Romney said in Boston. The clearly pained candidate thanked his family and his supporters and called on the nation to come together. "The nation as you know is at a critical point... Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work." Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Tuesday's election effectively insulates the president's major first-term achievements, including the new health care law, from GOP efforts to dismantle them. But it also leaves Obama limited room to build on that agenda. Tallahassee Democrat The stakes were high for supporters on both sides. Kevin Wagner, an assistant professor of political science at Florida Atlantic University, pointed to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling that suggested 20 percent of people saw dire consequences if their candidate lost. The Daily Beast / Spin Cycle It was not an inspiring campaign, with the president running a largely negative effort and offering few details about a second term, raising questions about whether he can claim a mandate. Romney, who relentlessly attacked Obama on the economy, could never quite overcome doubts about his business background, changing positions and guarded personality.

President Obama's Election Victory Tweet Becomes Most Retweeted of All Time (AllTwitter)
Barack Obama has been re-elected as president of the United States of America and his victory tweet has quickly become the most-retweeted message in Twitter's history. The Daily Mail President Obama's "Four more years" tweet, which also features a picture of him embracing the First Lady, quickly racked up more than 350,000 retweets and 100,000 votes as favorite tweets and they're still counting. Mashable Over on Facebook, the same photo already had more than 857,000 likes and 120,000 shares just over a half an hour since it was posted. BuzzFeed For context: Justin Bieber held the previous record, followed by football player TJ Lang. USA Today After the call that Obama won, tweets with the hashtag "#election2012" reached more than 325,000 a minute, making it the most tweeted moment of the election, Twitter said. The Verge Twitter's government feed has also confirmed that this year's Election Day was the "most tweeted about event in U.S. political history," with more than 20 million tweets.

Nate Silver Takes A Victory Lap After Obama Re-Election (HuffPost)
With President Obama's re-election, New York Times blogger Nate Silver has reason to smile. Silver became a near-god for nervous Democrats, and, as the campaign entered its final stretch, a sudden subject of scorn and derision for some pundits who doubted his polling forecasts, which consistently showed Obama in the lead. The Washington Post / The Fix Republicans gave Silver a hard time for projecting that Obama would win 313 electoral votes. If Obama carries Florida (as it appears he will), he will have won 332 electoral votes. Yep, the polls (and pollsters) were right. National Review / Jonah Goldberg I'm not saying Silver's just lucky or shoveling garbage. He's a serious numbers guy. But so are the folks at the University of Colorado's political science department whose own model is based on economic indicators. Its Oct. 4 findings predicted Romney would win, as did many other models. GalleyCat Writer Rex Sorgatz made an interesting point Tuesday. Silver is staking his reputation as a blogger and an author on this election, and Sorgatz thinks "the real number to be watching today is Nate Silver's Amazon book ranking."

News Corporation's Earnings Surpass Expectations (NYT / Media Decoder)
News Corporation, benefiting from one-time gains and the continued strength of cable channels like Fox News, on Tuesday posted earnings that generally exceeded analysts' expectations. B&C Net income rose to $2.23 billion, or 94 cents per share, from $738 million, or 28 cents per share, a year ago. The company said its first quarter results including $1.38 billion of "other" income, principally from a gain on the sale of its NDS unit, plus a $75 million pre-tax gain from British Sky Broadcasting's share repurchase program. Bloomberg Businessweek Murdoch, who started building his media empire more than a half-century ago with newspapers, announced plans in June to split off News Corp.'s declining publishing division, home to the Wall Street Journal and the U.K.'s Sun. The company gets most of its revenue from its entertainment operations (NWSA), and investors see the breakup as a way to better spotlight the value of that business.

Facebook Reschedules Gifts Event for Nov. 15 (AllFacebook)
Facebook's Nov. 1 event to promote its Gifts offering, which was postponed by Hurricane Sandy, was rescheduled for Nov. 15 at the same location, iconic toy store FAO Schwarz in New York. CNET Facebook again gave few details about its event, but it is expected to provide information about retailer partnerships for its Gifts service. The offering, which went live in September, allows Facebook users to give each other physical gifts by sending them through the social network. TechCrunch It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but some startup founders already have their sights set on the holidays. Case in point, the launch of Giftivo, a new Facebook-enabled gift recommendations engine. I know, I know -- Facebook Gifts already exists and is available as an app right on the social networking site itself -- so who needs a third-party service, right?

Budweiser in Flight Leaves Anheuser-Busch with A Bad Aftertaste (LA Times / Company Town)
Normally, an advertiser would be thrilled that its product is getting free exposure in one of the nation's most popular movies. But if that product is beer and the picture is about a commercial airline pilot with a drinking problem, well that's a different story. NYT / Media Decoder Whip Whitaker, played by Denzel Washington, consumes a vast array of drugs and alcoholic products by a number of makers in the film, which was directed by Robert Zemeckis and took in about $24.9 million at the domestic box-office for Paramount Pictures over the weekend. But both Anheuser-Busch and the Stolichnaya distributor told the AP that the products were used without authorization and would not have been approved for use in the movie. THR / Hollywood, Esq. St. Louis-based Budweiser has asked that its logo be removed or obscured from digital copies of the film and future versions slated for release on VOD services and other formats.

Windows Live Messenger Merging into Skype (SocialTimes)
As part of a planned phase-out of Windows Messenger, the service's users can now reach their contacts using Skype, Microsoft said Tuesday. Messenger users who sign in to the latest version of Skype using a Microsoft account will see their Messenger contacts already in the instant-messaging application. BBC News Microsoft said Windows Live Messenger would be turned off by March 2013 worldwide, with the exception of China. It reflects the firm's determination to focus its efforts on Skype.

New Rumors Leak About A 7-Inch Surface Tablet (AppNewser)
Now that the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet is a couple weeks past, the blogosphere has turned its attention to the next rumor. According to The Verge, a new 7-inch Surface tablet has been confirmed as being in the works. The Verge Specifications for an Xbox Surface 7-inch tablet computing device leaked back in June ahead of Microsoft's Surface RT and Surface Pro announcement. We're told that the initial specs were accurate and that the final implementation is being worked on.

Evening News Ratings Jump with Superstorm Coverage (Yahoo! News / AP)
Superstorm Sandy was a boon for the television network evening newscasts, most prominently for Brian Williams and NBC's Nightly News. The ABC, CBS and NBC newscasts have collectively drawn 21.2 million viewers a night this fall. But last week, with an epic storm over the eastern third of the U.S. that caused big damage on the New Jersey coastline and in the New York City metropolitan area, the newscasts had nearly 5 million more viewers a night, the Nielsen company said.

How Are Companies Using Social Media for Customer Relations Management? (AllTwitter)
Social media is often talked about as a great marketing tool, but it can be equally powerful when it comes to customer relations management (CRM). Here's how top brands are using Twitter, Facebook and other networks to develop strong relationships with, and gather data from, their customers.

Pearson Said to be Exploring Financial Times Sale as CEO Leaves (Bloomberg)
Pearson Plc is planning to explore a sale of the Financial Times newspaper as the company focuses on its faster-growing education business, people with knowledge of the situation said.

How Video Will Provide A Third Act for AOL (paidContent)
AOL has been a basket case for years as it tried to figure out if was a tech or a content company. But Tuesday it announced earnings and a strategy that suggest it may finally have found a way forward.

Public Relations After a Tragedy (PRNewser)
With every disaster comes opportunity. Last week Hurricane Sandy brought disaster, tragedy and heartache -- along with the opportunity to help others while displaying compassion and courage. When people are in need, most feel that others should do something if capable. This applies not just to human beings and communities but also to brands and companies.

Nor'easter Blows Newsday's Paywall Down (CJR / The Kicker)
The paywall at Newsday -- both its Long Island and Westchester/Rockland versions -- has come down... for now. According to spokesperson Lauren Andrich, the paywall was taken down Monday to help its coverage areas, many still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, prepare for Wednesday's predicted nor'easter.

UK Lawmaker Suspended for Joining Reality TV Show (Yahoo! News / AP)
A British lawmaker was suspended by her party Tuesday after she swapped the political jungle for the Australian rainforest and became a contestant on a reality TV show. Conservative legislator Nadine Dorries was under fire for taking part in I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here.

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