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Monday, Nov 26

Morning Media Newsfeed 11.26.12

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Cyber Monday Likely to be Busiest Online Sales Day (USA Today)
Bye-bye Black Friday. So long Small Business Saturday. Now, it's Cyber Monday's turn. Cyber Monday, coined in 2005 by a shopping trade group that noticed online sales spiked on the Monday following Thanksgiving, is the next in a series of days that stores are counting on to jumpstart the holiday shopping season. RT Spending on Cyber Monday -- the Monday after Thanksgiving -- is expected to increase by 20 percent this year, exceeding the $1.25 billion reached in 2011, according to data released from comScore Inc. It says Cyber Monday online sales have more than doubled in the past five years. Newsday To many residents, the vast Internet offers advantages that local stores have trouble matching. When 26-year-old Christian Levis is looking for a holiday gift for his girlfriend, his shopping trip typically means firing up a computer browser or smartphone and cruising to, or Google Shopping. SocialTimes Online shopping continues to grow -- faster on the desktop Web than on mobile, according to an infographic produced by digital marketing company IgnitionOne. Between 2010 and 2011, online sales rose 24 percent, while the share of those purchases made on a mobile device rose by just 7 percent. More than 15 percent of shoppers will do at least some shopping on their phones this holiday season, IgnitionOne predicts. Engadget Considering the parody-worthy dangers of America's busiest shopping day, it's no surprise to hear that online consumerism is on the rise. According to comScore, 57.3 million Americans took their wallets to digital storefronts on Black Friday, spending a record $1.04 billion in the process. Forbes / The New Persuaders But now, even as many retailers have made Cyber Monday sales a stock part of their holiday strategy, I'm betting its days are numbered. Why? Mashable Shifts in shopping patterns and consumer technology use are also driving the change. Shoppers are no longer buying offline on some days, and online on others: They're shopping on both simultaneously, often whipping out their smartphones or tablets in-store to run price comparisons.

BuzzFeed: NBC Scuttled Chelsea Clinton's Marriage Ad (TVNewser)
NBC News "special correspondent" Chelsea Clinton is a politically active person in a very politically active family. She also works for a news organization that prides itself on fairness. BuzzFeed reports that NBC scuttled plans for Clinton to appear in an ad supporting gay marriage that would have aired in Washington State and online leading up to the election. PolicyMic The move was likely an attempt by NBC to maintain some appearance of neutrality, and distance from their liberal counterpart, MSNBC. But if that's the case, why did they hire a member of the most prominent family of Democrats since the Kennedys? NYT / Media Decoder What do you do when, after more than 30 defeats in a row, you win four votes, all on the same Election Day? The answer for an organization seeking equality for gay men and lesbians is to run a television commercial that celebrates the victories while at the same time looking beyond them. The Hill / Hill Tube Actor Morgan Freeman, who cut a television commercial for President Obama's re-election campaign last month, is narrating a new ad for the Human Rights Campaign in support of same-sex marriages. HuffPost The commercial, titled "Dawn of a New Day for Marriage Equality," will begin airing nationally on Sunday, according to The Advocate. "Freedom, justice and human dignity have always guided our journey toward a more perfect union," Freeman says. "Now, across our country, we are standing together for the right of gay and lesbian Americans to marry the person they love. With historic victories for marriage, we've delivered a mandate for full equality."

Donald Trump's Children Hold Intervention, Tell Father to Stop Anti-Obama Rhetoric (The Inquisitr)
Donald Trump has laughed off the half million people who have signed a petition to get his products out of Macy's, but maybe he'll listen to his three children. Eric, Donald Jr., and Ivanka reportedly had a little intervention with their father this week in an attempt to get their father to stop with all the Obama bashing. HuffPost According to a New York Daily News source, Trump's three eldest children held a meeting with their father at his Fifth Avenue offices in mid-October. "They showed a lot of respect, but told him he's worked too long and too hard to build up the reputation he has. They understand completely he's always been outspoken and that he likes attention, but this is too much," the source told the Daily News. Gothamist Coming on the heels of Trump giving Obama two thumbs up for his handling of Israel, it seemed as if maybe there was some nugget of truth to it. But Trump has adamantly denied that any such meeting took place -- after all, "it's not in their nature" to stand up to him.

Samsung Announces Galaxy Note II Has Moved 5 Million Units Worldwide (Engadget)
Well, that was quick. We started off this month with word from Samsung that its 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II passed three million in sales, and now the company is announcing it's moved two million more in less than a month. TheNextWeb The 5.5-inch device is expected to bring in 20 million sales, Samsung predicts, which would double that of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note, which passed the 10 million milestone within nine months. While that may not be as fast as the Galaxy S III -- which rocketed up 30 million channel sales just 150 days after the launch -- the fact that the original Note was very much the first in its class, makes the feat impressive. TechnoBuffalo Apple just added the Note II on the long list of devices it is asking the court to include with its recent win against Samsung.

Facebook Uses Posters to Push Employees to Switch to Android (CNET)
Borrowing a page from war posters of yesteryear, Facebook is using posters of its own to encourage employees to dump their iPhones for Android devices. After it was reported in August that Facebook employees were being "nudged, cajoled, and even ordered to give up their iPhones for Android devices," the social networking giant appears to be stepping up its campaign. PCMag Specifically, two posters are making the rounds at Facebook HQ. In one, the image of Google's Android logo robot hovers nonchalantly behind a large plate of dog food. Printed behind the robot is the phrase, "Do you 'droidfood?," with Facebook imploring its employees to "switch today" at the poster's bottom. TechnoBuffalo A big part of the push is to get more insight into the Android experience. Facebook often places its iOS app as a bigger priority.

Mostly Praise for New BBC Chief Tony Hall (Variety)
The U.K. media community has reacted favorably to the appointment of Tony Hall, the BBC's former head of news, as the organization's new director-general. There is optimism that Hall can get on top of the crisis over the late star presenter Jimmy Savile, recently revealed as a sex criminal, and the libeling of Tory peer Alistair McAlpine by the BBC public affairs show Newsnight. Daily Mail / RightMinds The hurried appointment of Royal Opera House boss Hall as the new director-general has saved the job of vulnerable-looking BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten. For the moment, anyway. The Guardian I'm sure Patten and Hall will get on fine, but, barring disasters, I think we can expect the BBC to be run, for the next few years at least, by its director general and his senior team. Which, paradoxically perhaps given the way recent events have played out, might just save Patten and the BBC Trust from what was starting to look like almost certain death.

Social Media Ads Go 'Native'; Will Hit $9.2 Billion by 2016 (Adweek)
Spend on paid social media advertising will increase from $4.6 billion this year to $9.2 billion in 2016, according to a report set for release Monday from BIA/Kelsey. Particularly interesting is the researcher's prediction that "native" ads running on social media sites -- contextual promotions that are baked into sites in a customized fashion -- will total $1.53 billion this year while growing to $3.85 billion in 2016.

CEA Researcher: Growth in Tablet Market Could Make TVs the Second Screen (THR)
Is the tablet ready to move from being the second screen to the primary screen? It might be, according to the Consumer Electronics Association's senior researcher, who noted that tablets and smartphones were the top-selling electronic devices this holiday weekend.

Hiring a Bush Daughter, to Attract Younger Readers (NYT / Media Decoder)
Southern Living, a magazine with features on decorating fireplace mantels and profiles of former President Jimmy Carter describing how he hunts holiday turkeys, has a loyal following among middle-aged Southern women. Now it is bringing in a younger voice to attract a new readership.

Should Hamas Be Banned from Twitter? (Forbes / It's All Trivial or Obvious Except)
Various Congresscritters are suggesting that Hamas should be banned from Twitter. Not that I hold any particular candle for Hamas but I'm not entirely convinced that's a good idea. The Founding Fathers certainly thought that free speech was an important enough concept that they insisted that "Congress shall pass no laws" restricting it.

Random Line Generator Saves the Day (GalleyCat)
Have you ever stopped writing because you couldn't think of the next line? Next time you should use the Random Line Generator.

Red Flags for Job Searching on Craigslist (Mashable / Brie Weiler Reynolds)
If ever there were a go-to place for, well, everything, Craigslist might just be it. Founded in 1995 as an email list of events happening in the San Francisco area, Craigslist has grown to be one of the most well-known websites for free classified listings and community forums. From housing to garage sales to personal ads to, of course, jobs, Craigslist has it all -- including scams.

Building Start-Ups Via Stars' Ties to Fans (NYT)
You might have heard Jessica Alba on daytime TV talking about her new e-commerce company, which sells diapers and other baby supplies, or seen Kim Kardashian pitching her online shoe store in the tabloids. The man behind the companies, Brian Lee, is far from a household name. Yet in the world of tech start-ups, he is an emerging force.

Chrysler Group Is Ad Age's Marketer of the Year (Ad Age)
Dressed in blue jeans, boots and a blazer, Olivier Francois nursed a cup of espresso in his office at Chrysler's headquarters in Auburn Hills, Mich., and recalled his first trip to Detroit. It was Oct. 24, 2009, and Sergio Marchionne, Fiat chairman and chairman-CEO of Chrysler Group, had requested the visit. At the time, Francois had no idea he was being offered the chance to move from president-CEO of Fiat's Lancia brand to head of marketing of Chrysler -- and eventually all of Fiat.

7 Ways to Network More Effectively on Twitter (AllTwitter)
So you've signed up for a Twitter account and started following a few people. You've set up your bio and profile picture, customized your background, and you're tweeting pretty regularly. You're doing everything right, but you're not getting the level of engagement you expected. Instead of turning your nose up and figuring that Twitter must really be about sharing what you had for lunch, try these tips to network more effectively.

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