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Tuesday, Sep 11

Newsfeed Update: 09.11.12

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September 11 Anniversary: Journalists Grapple With Covering Attacks As Years Go By (HuffPost)
The tenth anniversary of the attacks was accompanied by reams of coverage in every newspaper, magazine and television show. That is understandable: ten years is an instinctual place to look back, to see what has changed. Yet, as more people say they have moved on -- how should journalists respond?

New York Times Union Reps Back in Talks with Management Over Contract (The New York Observer)
Negotiations over the New York Times union contract started up again this week, and labor and management are already at loggerheads. The stakes include the once-cozy relationship between the newsroom and the Ochs-Sulzberger clan. While some Times watchers foresee a peaceful resolution, Edward Atorino, a media analyst at Benchmark Co. LLC, says, "It could get nasty. There could be a strike."

Meet Print's New Politicos: Lifestyle Magazines are Getting Serious About Election Coverage (Adweek)
Time, Newsweek, The Nation: These are the kinds of magazines where political junkies expect to find election news. But at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, delegates rubbed elbows with reporters from magazines known less for their election coverage than for forecasting fashion trends.

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