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Health Marketing Company Recruiting in Baltimore

Publication or Company  NewMarketh Health
Industry  Internet/Online/New Media, Marketing, Other Publishing
Job Duration Full Time
Job Location Baltimore, MD
Job Requirements Still not sure if you should attend? Maybe this will help…

No matter what position you’d be interested in pursuing, if you’re not a self-starter, highly motivated and obsessed about details, ignore this invitation.

Our company is simply growing too rapidly to hire employees who lack motivation. So it’s important to not only have a solid understanding of the business, but an incredible drive to push yourself (and our company) to the next level.

NewMarket Health is currently looking for up to 2 employees for these general positions

Direct Marketing Strategist. You’re an expert on convincing people – anyone – to buy… anything. You love the immediate feedback of online direct response marketing. You are excited about the prospect of developing innovative new strategies to increase opens, clicks and conversions for our industry-best health products. You love testing and know it’s integral to direct marketing success. And you’re willing – and eager – to try new media and marketing strategies if the upside is big enough.

Entry-level Marketer.  You’re a smart, motivated, driven individual looking for a foot-in-the-door professional position at one of the best places to work in Baltimore.   You’re passionate about marketing and are willing to roll up your sleeves to do whatever it takes to help our business be successful.  You’re looking to learn direct marketing principles from the best minds in the business…in a fast-paced but supportive environment.

RSVPs Required: This event is for people with a competitive, entrepreneurial spirit… who are insatiably curious, avid readers… and fascinated by human nature and the art of persuasion. No specific degree or experience is required.

To be clear: Three members of our executive team will be there to meet you, discuss the opportunity with you face-to-face, and give you an insider’s perspective on what it would be like to work for such a fast-growing company.

We have a casual dress code and incredible perks, and our office is located in a beautiful, historic Baltimore neighborhood.

But please note: These are all full-time, in-house jobs, in our Baltimore offices. Freelancers and telecommuters need not apply.

So if you’re an uber-ambitious self-starter ready to push your abilities to the absolute limit, we’d enjoy hearing from you.

To register for this event, please RSVP on Eventbrite ( and send the following information to Paige Price at

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Where are you in your professional life right now? (For example, proactively looking, happy but curious, looking for supplemental income/part-time or freelance opportunities, etc.)
How did you find the invite to our event?
What has been your favorite job (big or small, paid or unpaid) to date, and why? What has been your least favorite?
About Our Company What: The East Coast’s fastest-growing alternative health publishing and marketing firm is hosting a recruiting party. The goal? To find talented, hard-working, intelligent professionals who are interested in helping our business skyrocket.
Who: We’re looking for ambitious, enthusiastic direct response marketers to join our ranks. Whether you’ve recently graduated from college with a degree in Marketing or have spent years in the field, we want to hear from you. You can find more details below.

Why: Because we have a unique model and culture – and it takes a special kind of thinker and worker to succeed with us. But for the right person, the rewards are substantial. Our business thrives on unique ideas. We’re always looking to work around people who force us to think hard, who question the mainstream, who look to uncover the truth about modern medicine, who can write to persuade, and who are willing to fail.
When: Wednesday, September 17th from 12pm – 2pm
Where: Silo Point, Sky Lounge (1200 Steuart St. Baltimore, MD)
Cost: Free
Food & Drink: Lunch will be provided
Hosted By: NewMarket Health, a subsidiary of Agora Publishing
RSVPs Required: This event is for marketing professionals (If you’d like to invite a colleague, please have him or her RSVP separately.)