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5 Ways to Maintain Media Momentum After the Sizzle of a Launch


Today we bring you a guest post by Kevin McLaughlin, Principal & Co-Founder, Resound Marketing.

This post is presented by AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. The San Francisco-based technology company is passionate about using data to show the true impact and value of PR.

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream – your company or product launches with a huge splash generating headlines across The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch and Mashable. Coverage appears in all your favorite media outlets, reaching all those prospective customers, valuable partners, wealthy investors, and the laundry list of other key stakeholders (including your parents).

Admittedly, not all launches will deserve quite that much fanfare, but a launch is your big moment and likely your meatiest PR campaign of the year.

But after the launch, many company founders are left with the “what next” feeling. Without sizzling company news, a pipeline of new features, or a funding announcement, what do you have to bend the ear of influential media and maintain that launch momentum?

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Walk the Talk: Standing Up for the Value of Your Creative Work


Today we bring you a guest post by Stan Friedman, founding principal at San Francisco’s Pivotal Communications.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft — the world’s #1 software company, awash in a record $22 billion in net income on more than a record $87 billion in 2014 global revenue — announced that nearly 20% of its workforce would be laid off. It was the largest one-time firing in company history.

Citing pursuit of a broader “transformation” for Microsoft, its CEO said that he intends to “flatten the organization and develop leaner business processes.”

You may not be in the tech sector, but we’ve all heard this type of corporate rationale many times before….

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Just Launched a Startup? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Hire a PR Pro Just Yet


Today we bring you a guest post by Sarah Rose Attman, president of Sarah Rose Public Relations and former staff reporter for US Weekly.

This post is presented by AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. The San Francisco-based technology company is passionate about using data to show the true impact and value of PR.

Congratulations! You just launched your startup. Welcome to the wonderful world of being your own boss, building something from the ground up, and fighting against the odds to “make it”. Every company has been where you are today, so embrace the chaos and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

There is so much to do! Designing your logo, raising a round of financing, hiring your founding team, and of course PR, right?

Well, maybe not.

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5 Ways to Turn Tech-Talk Into People-Speak


Today we bring you a guest post from Gina Gallup, VP and COO of Nashville’s Bradford Group.

Ask someone what a PR professional does on a daily basis and they’re likely to rattle off high-profile activities like attending a cool restaurant opening or trying to get a client mentioned in the glossy pages of a fashion magazine.

But, the truth is, most companies seeking PR aren’t walking a red carpet every night — they come from industries like telecom, software sales or health care IT. Making these types of clients interesting and accessible to an audience is the true mark of a skilled PR pro, because it’s not an easy undertaking.

Companies in technical industries face a number of difficulties when trying to communicate the benefits of their product or service, which often appear highly technical and overly complex to the average person. Creating content that generates conversations is a crucial part of any successful PR campaign, no matter the industry.

On that note, here are some tips for turning technical subject matter into understandable content that creates awareness for every company — not just the glamorous ones.

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Insulting Customers on Facebook: Real-Life Basil Fawlty or Just Bad PR?

Basil F

Today we bring you a guest post from Alison Lancaster, an account manager at Pressat, a press release distribution service based in Ancoats, UK. She has more than 15 years experience working in the PR industry. You can follow her on Linkedin.

With about two-thirds of consumers checking online reviews before booking a place to stay, many small businesses are leveraging social media to handle customer feedback — be it positive or negative. After all, such content is readable by potential future guests.

However, the act of maintaining a good public image is not on the top of one Scottish hostel owner’s list.

Todd Pedersen, who runs the Blue Sky Hostel in Glasgow, recently attracted international media coverage after branding a guest a “retard” on the hostel’s Facebook page when the customer voiced her discontent in a negative review.

Then things went a little crazy. Screenshots after the jump.

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Owning Up to Our Industry’s Core (In)competency: Drawing the Line on Theft of Voice


Today we bring you a guest post by Stan Friedman, founding principal at San Francisco’s Pivotal Communications.

As a 1099er (freelancer, specialist or consultant), is your creative output economically under-valued by the agencies and creative shops with which you work?

Do you relinquish “authorship” in exchange for receiving compensation, harboring doubts and fears of receiving no future work, or trying to avoid a reputation as “difficult to work with” or “not a team player?”

Do you acquiesce to work-for-hire, NDAs and non-competes that clearly minimize your value — and your future ability to capitalize on your creative worth or unique skill offering?

If the answer to any of these occurrences is “Yes”, then you’ll need to own up to the truth about what’s happening in your career’s backyard…and decide what you’re willing to do about it.

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Best Practices for Credible Content Marketing

Content Mktg

Today we bring you a guest post from Petr Palas, CEO and founder of content management provider Kentico.

In a recent survey conducted by Kentico, we found 74% of the general public trusts content from businesses that educate readers on a particular topic.

This is, however, a fragile trust that businesses must take care in protecting. Even adding a product pitch at the bottom of an otherwise objective blog post will kill the credibility of the piece for 29% of those who responded to our survey.

So what can content marketers do to maintain the trust of their target audiences?

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The 5 W’s of NEO™: Spelling Out PR’s Newest Optimization Technology

vintage IBM

Today we bring you a guest post by Leta Soza. Soza serves as PR Engineer at AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. The San Francisco-based technology company is passionate about using data to show the true impact and value of PR.

Last week, PRTech took another step forward.

Heidi Sullivan, Cision’s SVP of digital content, shared 5 metrics and tools that should be on every PR pro’s radar. On the list was a recent arrival to the SEO/SMO soirée: News Engine Optimization aka NEO™.

If you don’t know about this newcomer to the PR party, let me be the first to introduce you. NEO™ is a new tool for PR optimization. Through robust insights and unprecedented message intelligence, NEO™ aims to usher in a new paradigm for proving the ROI of PR.

An in-depth technology spotlight can found via this recently published white paper, but in case you’re in a rush, I’ve culled together a breakdown of the newest weapon in PR’s arsenal.

Without further ado I bring you the 5 W’s of NEO™:

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The 4 Culprits Behind PR’s High Turnover Rates

revolving doors

Today we bring you a guest post from Laurent L. LawrenceAssociate Director of Public Relations for the PRSA in New York.

A few weeks ago, Patrick Coffee asked a pretty good question: Why Does PR Have Such a Big Turnover Problem? It’s a question I’ve heard far too often. I anticipated a blend of pontification and vitriol-laced responses from all corners of the industry. I waited for the senior pros and agency owners to blame Millennials’ lack of loyalty, while young and new pros would chime in with a heated stance on an industry in need of “disruption.”

Yet, there seem to have been few who were willing to comment in response to his question. Coffee even offered an option for anonymity… still, nothing.

Maybe no one heard the good Mr. Coffee. Or perhaps no one is really sure how to answer. I figured I’d help prime the pump with my thoughts.

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Your Backstage Pass for Uncovering and Influencing Sales Leads


Today we bring you a guest post by Jennifer Donovan, founder of San Francisco’s Nova CommunicationsFollow her on Twitter.

This post is presented by AirPR, a technology platform to increase PR performance. The San Francisco-based technology company is passionate about using data to show the true impact and value of PR.

Social media can be intimidating even to the most experienced sales person. It’s a completely different beast than traditional sales methods, but what social offers is a chance to build relationships while getting to know your potential customers on a unique level. With just a little information and training, members of any sales team can turn a few minutes a day on social media into new relationships, leads, and most importantly, closed deals.

Social media “listening” gives sales teams the opportunity to learn valuable insights about a customer or prospect. Sure, there are ways to get insights through traditional methods, but social media is like a back-stage pass – you secure a closer look, uncover hidden gems, and get a chance to engage on a more personal level. One of the best ways to use social to drive incremental sales for your brand is through active listening.

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