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Social Media Sensation ‘I F*cking Love Science’ to Become TV Show

I Fucking Love Science Is Coming To Televison! | I Fucking Love ScienceHit TV shows often spawn Facebook pages and other social media accounts with followers numbering in the millions, but how often do these things happen in the reverse order?

Elise Andrew, creator of the Facebook page and blog “I Fucking Love Science,” announced at SXSW this past weekend that her insanely popular creation is being turned into an hour-long TV series on the Science Channel, produced by writer/comedian/talk show host Craig Ferguson.

In her blogpost announcing the venture, Andrew marveled at how in just two short years, the “I Fucking Love Science” Facebook page has amassed 10 million followers, and that through its related social media accounts, the platform reaches fifty million people per week. Read more

Will You Be Pitching to Ezra Klein’s Vox?

It’s a worthy question, because despite former Washington Post writer Ezra Klein’s wonky history reporting on economics, his new venture Vox promises to cover “Politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science, business, food, sports, and everything else that matters.”

This promo video also serves as a look into the current state of reporting. When was the last time you saw a trailer for a news organization?

Klein’s challenge is to convince the public to pay attention to factual stories that don’t contain the latest form of visual distraction. As the founder himself puts it, he’s betting the bank that readers will eat their media veggies as long as the material isn’t presented in such an unappealing “this is good for you but we guarantee you will hate it” way.

We’re very interested in seeing where Vox goes with this concept, but for now the launch is a nice reminder of the inherent challenge of getting people to click and, referring to the “understand the news” tagline, truly absorb informative content.

Surely you understand.

NBC News Continues its Hack Attack Form of Checkbook Journalism Because Ratings

interactive newsroom

Ironic what the NBC Interactive Newsroom chose to adorn its wall, huh?

Ratings (n.) — The source of all things monetary in media; The force by which all journalists show their worth the bigwigs in the corner offices; The reason media can suck.

When I was in a newsroom, there was just about nothing I wouldn’t do to get people to listen to what I had to say. Hell, in PR, it’s the same way. I’ll beg, borrow or steal borrow some more to help my clients get what they deserve and help tell their story. However, the people at NBC News, go a skosh past unethical into a whole new realm of paparazzi.


Read more

What Makes for a Good, Monocle-Free Trend Piece?


If you obsessively follow journalists on Twitter each evening (and you really should), then you probably noticed many of them passing this New York Times ”monocles are back” trend piece around last night along with a moderate dose of mockery.

Yep, that’s the one.

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New York Observer Editor Hired His Ice Cream Man to Defend Donald Trump


It’s a tough job defending a guy like Donald Trump, but somebody’s apparently gotta do it. In this case, that somebody is the editor of his son-in-law’s newspaper…and that editor’s ice cream man, Bill Gifford.

You read that right. A communications “standoff” has emerged in the wake of what looks a whole lot like a 7,000 word article doubling as a hit piece on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and a defense of The Donald.

ICYMI, Schneiderman just happened to file a 2013 lawsuit against Trump alleging fraud on the part of his real estate “university” seminar—an event whose attendees could, in Trump’s own words, “just copy exactly what I’ve done and get rich.”

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Why Media Markets Need to Be Like Dallas/Ft. Worth Because Girl Power

girl powerYeah, chicks that can do this are pretty badass. 

There are three types of flacks in the world: Lifelong agency rats, bouncers (from agency to corporate) and hacks-turned-flacks. I’m the latter and one reason why would be the dreaded newsroom. There’s a sex appeal among PR pros about the newsroom — it’s the centerfuge of all things media, and kind of a turn-on (at least, that’s what I have heard).

But if you work in one, it can scare the bejeebers out of you.

You would think at the medulla of this brain matter would be many trained, skilled professionals hailing the title of “News Director,” and you would be right. And, according to the Women’s Media Center, the gross majority of those professionals would be men. It’s not even close.

Except in Dallas/Ft. Worth. And that’s not even close either.

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News Orgs Rethinking Their Brief Fling with Live Streaming Video


Read (don’t watch) all about it

The Internet may have killed the newspaper star, but live streaming video is looking less and less like his savior.

This morning we link to POLITICO for a rare moment of media insight. Over the past five years, nearly every major news organization has dropped a lot of money into live streaming video with little or nothing to show for it. As much as some of us may dislike the “talking head yells at other talking heads” model, producing that sort of stuff (not mention convincing viewers and advertisers to pay attention) can be quite challenging.

Even Business Insider couldn’t make it work.

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STUDY: Media, Tech and Entertainment Fields Still Dominated by Men


Some things, unfortunately, do not change

Well, this one’s a bit of a downer: despite all the news of women making progress in the corporate world and the rise of women in leadership positions within the public relations industry, the media that covers all this business remains a field overwhelmingly dominated by men. Ditto for tech and entertainment.

The Status of Women in the U.S. Media“, the latest study conducted by the Women’s Media Center, didn’t just find that most syndicated columnists happen to be of the male gender. We have more disturbing stats for you!

  • Men are quoted three times as often as women as “experts” in front-page New York Times stories
  • The percentage of female staffers in newsrooms (~36%) hasn’t changed since 1999

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Bode Miller Defends NBC Reporter After She’s Slammed for ‘Tone-Deaf’ and ‘Shameful’ Interview

After becoming the oldest medalist in Olympic alpine history, Bode Miller found himself in an interview with NBC reporter Christin Cooper, who questioned him repeatedly about the death of his brother, and how that loss has shaped his experience at the Olympics. While such personal questions are often asked of athletes in this type of situation, Cooper seemed not to take any of the hints that her line of questioning was pushing Miller into an extremely emotional state, and she failed to let up until he had broken down into tears, hidden his face, and had been rendered speechless.

The scene sparked an angry outcry from fans and journalists alike, who felt Cooper lacked tact and sensitivity. The AP’s David Bauder, for instance, called the interview “tone-deaf and cruel, and short-circuited the thoughtful, intelligent perspectives Miller had started to offer until he couldn’t talk anymore,” and The New York Times‘ Richard Sandomir wrote that “Cooper and NBC lacked the sensitivity to know when enough was enough.”

In a classy and kind response to the uproar, Miller himself took to Twitter to thank his fans for expressing their concern for his well-being, but also to defend his interviewer.

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MEMO to TV Producers: Clear Your Porn History Before the Story

WGN, Chicagoland’s bestest buddy to the news, recently reported a story on an app called The app helps bebes kids erase potential criminal records from online job searches and the like.

Naturally, reporters are always looking for a demonstration to record on tape. And because reporters are “public facing” and aware of the freaks of the world, said reporter will call on a lowly associate producer for off-camera demos. Sweet, right? You get to cuddle up to the big-time reporter and show that you are on-the-spot for anything said reporter needs (outside of the usual trekking across the city for dry cleaning).

The B-roll of the reporter was a tad more revealing than the reporter cared to happen, as this report as gone viral for all the wrong reasons. No one cares about the app. No one cares about the report. They do care about the archived search history on said producer’s phone. Whoops! Hope his mother wasn’t watching.