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PR Jobs: Spafinder, Wine for the World, Neumans’ Kitchen

This week, Spafinder is hiring a vice president of marketing, while Wine for the World is seeking a marketing director. Neumans’ Kitchen needs a director of marketing and communications, and The Sovereign Society is on the hunt for a digital marketing content writer. Get the scoop on these openings and more below, and find additional just-posted gigs on Mediabistro.


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Sony Hires Rubenstein, Threatens Journalists Publishing Hacked Data


Sony Pictures has hired New York’s Rubenstein Communications to handle the fallout from its epic document leak, and the company made its first visible move to limit the ongoing bad press over the weekend by threatening to sue all who report on related materials.

Specifically, the studio’s lawyer David Boies (of Bush v. Gore and many other cases) demanded that all news organizations delete the “stolen data” they already have or will receive and agree to stop reporting on it. Essentially, Boies threatened to sue any organization that publishes future stories drawn from the emails and other materials leaked by hackers.

Sony tried to get the heads of other major studios to sign the letter but they abstained, noting that it might look like “a publicity stunt.”

The real conversation piece, though, is a New York Times op-ed from Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing and The Social Network. In summary, Sorkin tells journalists “You’re Giving Material Aid to Criminals.”

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This Is Why The Guest List For Your Next Event Is So Important

The Huffington Post tweaked The New York Times‘ Dealbook conference just a bit on the issue of diversity, pointing out that women and people of color were few and far between among the special guests.

“The theme of the conference, hosted by the paper’s finance and deal reporting site, was ‘Taking Stock of the Future: Rebuilding the Economy, Growth and Trust,’” writes the site. “Despite focusing on the future, the cast on stage looked a lot like the distant past.”

But actually, the story points out later, the conference beat big business stats:

The conference did manage to improve on corporate America’s standards of inclusion. Reuters reports that women account for 4 percent of CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, and a 2012 McKinsey study found that women make up only 14 percent of executive committees on corporate boards in the Fortune 500. The Center for American Progress found that a similarly tiny fraction of Fortune 500 CEOs, 4.2 percent, was made up of people of color.

The story demonstrates the importance of being thoughtful about the events you and your clients are hosting, making sure that any panels or VIP lists really reflect the audience in attendance, the industry and the population at large.

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CEO of Uber’s Branding Agency Talks Visual Communications

Uber branding

In case you missed it, one of the big trends in communications is less talk, more pictures.

“Visual branding” isn’t just a buzzworthy phrase; it’s a crucial part of every big-name business’s marketing strategy.

Today we had the chance to speak with Dava Guthmiller, founder and CEO of San Francisco’s Noise 13. The self-described “brand strategy & design agency” helps create the visual identities of various brands, including one called Uber that you may have seen mentioned in recent posts on this very blog (in addition to every other blog on the planet).

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Pittsburgh Penguins Broadcaster Jokes About ‘I Can’t Breathe’

penguins i cant breathe

(Photo Credit/Screen Grab via Deadspin)

People protest for various reasons. Most of them are good.

Today, thanks to the power of national TV, social media, and a little bit of merchandising, sociopolitical or economic causes can take on a whole new life. Most recently, the death of New York native Eric Garner – who died after an NYPD officer applied a chokehold to restrain him — inspired more than 25,000 to march in Manhattan this weekend.

The line “I Can’t Breathe” has been seen everywhere as a result, and a local sportscaster thought it was fair game for a bad joke. Read more

Seth Rogen: Don’t Blame Me for the Sony Leak

Two people bear absolutely no responsibility for the Sony media hack that looks like the biggest data leak since Snowden: Seth Rogen and James Franco.

In a clip from Good Morning America set to air tomorrow, Rogen insists that his upcoming movie The Interview was never supposed to be controversial — and it definitely wasn’t intended to inspire a leak:

Key quote:

“At this point, it’s too late to have any [second thoughts]. We set out to make a movie that was really entertaining to audiences and I genuinely think we did that. And that’s where my job ends.”

So it’s a perfect storm of publicity for these two and a nightmare for everyone else employed by Sony. Of course, no one can confirm that North Korea was responsible for the hack. Why so quiet, James Franco?

Can SantaCon Reform Its Drunken Rep?


If you live in or around New York City, you know what SantaCon is: an annual holiday tradition in which a bunch of people set upon the boroughs dressed in Santa costumes getting progressively more drunk and gross as the afternoon wears on. Perhaps you’ve woken in the morning to a puddle of vomit on your front stoop, a care package from a pub crawling St. Nick who doesn’t know his limits.

This weekend, the organization behind this yearly bacchanal sought to take the first steps to dispel this reputation with a press conference on Saturday morning reaffirming what SantaCon is really about: a protest against the commercialization of Christmas. Really? Had no clue. Thought it was always just a chance to get your drink on while wearing a costume, like Halloween but a couple months later. So what’s this protest you speak of?

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Frozen Director Finally Apologizes for ‘Let it Go’


You have seen all the Pixar or Disney greats (or both, since the Mouse bought Pixar). You have fallen in love with the characters. You may have caught yourself singing a couple of those songs in the shower.

And then came Frozen.

Whatever the reason, this billion-dollar blockbuster continues to charm as many minds as it makes into mush. So the director of the colossal animated hit did what any big-time Hollywood director would do…

She apologized.

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Bill Cosby Talks to New York Post, Advises ‘Black Media’ to Stay ‘Neutral’

bill cosby

Whoopi Goldberg/Jill Scott shout-outs aside, Bill Cosby made his first statements on the allegations and legal charges pending against him over the weekend. In what may seem like an unusual strategic move, he chose freelancer Stacy Brown (of the somewhat notorious New York Post gossip source Page Six) as his press contact of choice.

Brown called Cosby, who made a request:

“I only expect our black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism, and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

The implication, of course, is that the rest of the media and the court of public opinion have already called him guilty.

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Facebook Hired a Team to Remind the World That It Is Run by Humans


Poke it to see if it has a pulse

W0rds can be slippery things.

For years, observers have theorized that leading “social network” Facebook actually makes us more antisocial. There are studies about it, Infographics discuss it. Even a short film was made about it.

And now, there’s this: Facebook would like to inform users they care, so they hired a team just to confirm it.

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