E.L. James Inner Goddess Today in Milking it For All It’s Worth news, novelist/spanking enthusiast/early choral music expert E.L. James just announced plans to further expand her personal brand by writing a book about…writing.

Not only will the book bear her name, it will also once again build on her most enduring product, the Fifty Shades of Grey series (working title Softcore for Dummies). Fifty Shades of Grey: Inner Goddess (a Journal) will be “a how-to guide” published by Vintage Books, and it will consist of James’s thoughts on the writing life in addition to her personal “getting in the (writing) mood” playlists and a few blank spaces for the aspiring literary superstar to record his or her (OK, her) own notes on the subject. Sounds like a great marketing scheme, no? Oh, and it will all come in a handsome “bonded” “soft leather” cover–we could probably turn that one into a double entendre but this daylight savings time thing is a real buzzkill.

We understand the urge to wring even more publicity out of one’s greatest cultural achievement. If we were E.L. James we would probably do the same thing. But should the world at large really take writing lessons from the mind that created these PG-13 masterpieces of linguistic contortion?

  • “He’s my very own Christian Grey popsicle.”

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