We don’t know about you guys, but we’ve had about enough of this Lance Armstrong. Full confession: we didn’t even watch the Oprah interview live, because we were too busy catching up on American Horror Story (which is kinda campy but wow, Jessica Lange really chews the hell out of the scenery). We did, however, follow the drama on Twitter, which was every bit as informative and much more entertaining.

Anyway, we know everyone and his brother will be posting reasoned op-eds today to debate Armstrong’s PR strategy and his chances at redemption, so we thought we’d take a different route:

Which questions were resolved in last night’s interview? And what were the answers? Let’s start with the most obvious:

  • What is Lance Armstrong’s favorite reality show? Cheaters, duh.
  • Who’s the bigger bully: Lance Armstrong or Nelson Muntz? Let’s see…Did Nelson ever sue anyone for libel? Didn’t think so.

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