Here’s your pro tip of the day: If you are arrested and find yourself without bail money, launch a website and have a fundraiser. Maybe you don’t have access to a computer while you’re in jail. Ask your family and/or friends to launch a site for you. Or hire someone to do the job and then use your successful bail-money-raising website to also raise funds to pay the designer.

The family of Anna Gristina, who’s been arrested and charged with being a “Manhattan madam,” has launched a website to raise money for her bail. Housed in Riker’s Island, her family contends that Gristina is being held in disgusting conditions (there are rats and roaches) and that the $2 million the court is asking for is “cruel and unusual.” The site takes an extra tug at the heartstrings by putting a picture of Gristina on the homepage with two cute kids (above).

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