Archer FXWe understand that networks, cable companies, etc., are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of online video. Viewers are increasingly demanding that their favorite shows be available to watch whenever and wherever they want, redefining make-or-break factors like ratings and advertising.

So we don’t really mind watching ads while streaming videos on sites like Hulu, as long as it means we don’t have to miss trivia night at the local bar in order to catch the next episode of The Following.

But when we purchase an episode via Amazon or iTunes, our expectations, it seems, are entirely different.

After watching a recently purchased episode of Archer (an FX show) via our boyfriend’s Amazon account, we noticed that fellow fans had given it a surprisingly low rating. Curious, we read through the comments section only to find that every single negative comment concerned the ads for other FX shows that preceded the video.

Here are a few of the angrier comments:

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