AriZona Beverages, the makers of all those drinks you’ve seen in the colorful bottles at the local grocery store, announced last week that it reached three million Facebook fans. So what, right?

Well, the company, a privately-held family-run operation based out of New York, has never advertised in the 20 years it has been around. So having a dedicated, loyal, and large social media following is important. Rather than advertising, AriZona chooses to interact with its customers in a different way, which has become part of the decision-making process for beverage flavors and packaging.

We choose to “involve our fans in our products,” says┬áJackie Harrigan, the company’s comms director.

“Our product is accessible, at a great price point, and has beautiful packaging,” she continued. “We use our dollars for packaging and flavors that stand out on shelves instead of a traditional media budget.”

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