Confession: We’ve never listened to any of Chris Brown’s music, and we don’t really get what the big deal is about him. But we do know that he has a very strange PR strategy.

After receiving a whole lot of bad press over the past two or three years, Brown seems determined to do everything in his power to convince Americans that he is a very strange man. In the long tradition of celebrities embarrassing themselves in the name of publicity, he clearly believes that any attention is good attention, and his strategy is working: Americans may have a love/hate relationship with him, but they read about his exploits every week in the tabloid press.

His latest stunts are even more bizarre than usual—mere days after a sidewalk fight with Drake‘s entourage, he was spotted with a big new neck tattoo that very closely resembles photos of a bruised Rihanna after he beat her way back in 2009. It’s all a little baffling, and many readers who love their celebrity gossip are sick of hearing about the latest exploits of “Chris Breezy.”

Are you one of those readers? As promised, there’s an app for that.

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