If you were a child in the 80′s, you probably spent many a half-hour TV block “dancing your cares away” with the lovable inhabitants of an underground world called Fraggle Rock. And if you were a fan of alternative rock in the 90′s (as many 80′s babies were), you may have shared the pain of a dramatic breakup with Ben Folds Five while listening to “Brick.” Since then, if you’re anything like me, you’ve deeply missed both the Muppets and the band during their long hiatuses. Fret no more, fellow “silly creatures”; they’re baaa-aaaaack! Both of them. Together!

To promote the release of The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind (their first album in 13 years), Ben Folds Five has released a music video for the single, “Do It Anyway,” that features the familiar, fuzzy cast of Jim Henson characters.

Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick, who helped make it all happen, said:

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