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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News


In the latest edition of our series featuring Clarity Media Group founder Bill McGowan, Bill addresses three problems that prominent personalities couldn’t wish away this week:

  • Uber’s attempt to brush its media relations failure under the digital carpet
  • Scientist Dr. Matt Taylor’s decision to wear a highly questionable shirt on the air
  • Don Lemon’s very, very poor choice of questions for one of Bill Cosby’s accusers

Journalists’ Joy Ride

Emil Michael of Uber is clearly not a Mark Twain fan.  If he were, he would know that famous Twain quote strongly advising against making enemies of journalists: “Don’t pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel.”

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Mediabistro Job Fair

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News


In the latest edition of our weekly series with Bill McGowan, Clarity Media Group founder and executive media coach, Bill takes on three contentious image management issues.

  • Vladimir Putin sees himself as James Bond
  • The GOP sees Hillary Clinton as an old lady
  • Bill Cosby sees himself as a beloved, scandal-free entertainer

The Name’s Putin… Vlad Putin

Ok, so what is it with Vladimir Putin’s James Bond delusion?  I think we all accept that world leaders think of themselves in grandiose terms, but Putin’s vision of himself seems to have been violently shaken and blurred. First, there’s the shirtless obsession…

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News


It’s time for another edition of our weekly series in which Bill McGowan, Clarity Media Group founder and advisor to executives at Facebook and Airbnb, offers his take on the week’s biggest stories.

This week, Bill addresses cultural upheavals in politics, technology and sports.

POTUS Over a Barrel or In One?

If you agree that there’s nothing quite so offensive as a gloating, chest-pounding  winner, then the Shameful Act of the Week Award must go to the New York Post for their depiction (please don’t use the word “artwork”) of President Obama wearing only a lopsided crown and a barrel with the screeching headline: “STRIPPED” underneath it.

As my old colleague (and lifelong Rupert Murdoch soldier) Steve Dunleavy used to say, it was “lower than a snake’s belly.”

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News

Tim Cook

Pic via Reuters/Telegraph

It’s Friday, which means another edition of our series in which Bill McGowan — Clarity Media Group founder and coach to execs from FacebookAirbnb and more — weighs in on the week’s most interesting and controversial stories.

Cook to Perfection

Apple CEO Tim Cook wins the “Pitch Perfect” of the week award.  Not only did he share his sexual orientation in a thoughtful and dignified forum (BusinessWeek essay) but he demonstrated how the tone of coming out has been transformed over the past decade.

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Chevy Turns #TechnologyAndStuff Fail into Marketing Win

ICYMI, Chevrolet Regional Zone Manager Rikk Wilde got a lot of attention for screwing up his lines while presenting the World Series MVP Award to San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner last night.

We felt bad for the guy, who was a case fit for our friends Bill McGowan and Mr. Media Training. But the line “class-winning…leading, uh, you know, technology and stuff” went viral.

Rather than shy away from all the jokes, Chevy joined the crowd and made the hashtag its own.

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News


To end the week, another edition of our series in which Bill McGowanClarity Media Group founder and coach to execs from Facebook, Airbnb and more — weighs in on the week’s most controversial stories.

“Bad” Brand Chemistry

A real controversy “cooked” this week in south Florida when everyone’s favorite chemistry teacher-turned crystal meth maker, Walter White  (Breaking Bad) appeared on the shelves of Toys “R” Us in the form of an action figure.  Also for sale, the Jesse Pinkman doll, resplendent in his one-piece yellow drug-making jumpsuit. Jesse comes carrying two detachable bags: one full of money, one full of meth.  The Walt figurine simply wields a gun.  It’s not hard to imagine what kind of action these action figures are gearing up for.

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News

Rick Scott

Pic via  Joe Raedle/Getty Images North America

It’s time for the latest edition of our ongoing collaboration with Bill McGowan, Clarity Media Group founder and advisor to executives at Facebook, Airbnb, CNBC and more.

1. First, Bill takes on Governor Rick Scott and his problem with fans:

Scott Blows It with Fan-Gate: If Florida Governor Rick Scott wanted to make his Democratic opponent Charlie Christ hot under the collar during this week’s televised debate, he picked the wrong way to do it.

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What Would Bill Do? Media Coach Bill McGowan Takes on the Week’s News


In case you missed it, last week saw the beginning of what will be a regular feature on our blog: comments on trending news stories from Bill McGowan, Clarity Media Group founder and media coach to top executives from Facebook, Airbnb and more.

Today, in the second part of our ongoing collaboration, Bill gives us his take on three stories that broke over the past week.

1. CNN canceled Piers Morgan Live in February after three years in order (we presume) to make way for such ratings winners as the network’s “constant coverage” of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Morgan has made clear via various platforms that he was unhappy with the move, and this week he penned an “advice column” for The Hollywood Reporter in which he lectured his former employer on mismanaging his own show — which he claims “did OK in the ratings” — and  blaming the “stiff” Anderson Cooper for failing to provide a better lead-in.

CNN responded with a statement calling Morgan “sad” and he shot back by bragging about his new job as US editor of the UK-based Daily Mail Online.

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What Would Bill Do? Insights on the Week’s News from Media Coach Bill McGowan


Readers may recall that, back in April, we had a couple of very informative conversations with author and Clarity Media Group founder Bill McGowan, perhaps best known as the media coach for top executives at Facebook, NBCUniversal and Airbnb.

In what will become a regular feature on the blog, Bill gave us his take on three recent controversies that made headlines this week — and the communications strategies behind them.

Think of it as a “comms week in review.”

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Reuters, AP Suggest That You Should, Like, Maybe Cut Your Word Count, OK?


If you had the chance to read our recent interview with Facebook media coach Bill McGowan or our talk with the journalists-turned-content strategists at Bateman Group, you may have noticed a recurring theme: brevity.

Everyone’s all about it.

Now both Reuters and The Associated Press have officially agreed that news stories should come in two varieties: short and shorter. Why? Consider this sentence:

“Our best work does not stand out among a sea of bloated mid-level copy.”


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