We don’t know about you, but we feel like there’s something a little creepy about big-name brands targeting children. Sure, kids represent a huge and hugely lucrative demographic, but people—especially parents—also know that children need to be protected from the big bad world until they’re old enough to make their own informed decisions.

Coke, McDonald’s and Nike all know that securing brand loyalty at a young age translates into windfall profits for decades to come. Now the NFL has jumped aboard that primary school gravy train by advertising to kids through a direct, familiar and trusted platform: cartoons.

The animated series “Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians” will air on Nicktoons beginning November 30. The show, based on animated shorts that scored highly with 6-11 year old boys in audience tests, stars Ish, a young football fan who lives in Canton, Ohio (home of the NFL Hall of Fame, of course), and works together with various friends to protect the world’s most successful sports league from evil forces bent on “trying to capture the essence of the NFL.”

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