For all the talk of original content and social interactions defining a brand in the current age, you’d think that the fingerprints of various marketing chiefs would be all over the social media sphere.

And yet, according to a study performed by conference company BusinessNext Social, the very opposite is true: only 20% of CMOs at Fortune 500 companies have a discernible social media presence.

We understand that most C-level execs, who tend to move from brand to brand throughout their careers, would rather avoid the PR risks of social media by letting other members of their teams take responsibility for spreading the brand message. But the study confirms that most remain stubbornly resistant to Twitter; isn’t that something of an old-school perspective?

The market may force them to jump online: The CMO Survey predicts that social media spending as a share of marketing budgets will nearly triple over the coming five years, and “Gartner Research predicts the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO by 2017.”

What’s the social media model for the successful CMO? This handy infographic lists Beth Comstock of General Electric as the most influential marketing officer on the social circuit, and a quick glance at her account reveals why:

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