holiday-bullshit-hed-2013Cards Against Humanity, a raunchy card game that has become a hugely popular party pastime since its release in 2011, is no stranger to creative promotions; last year, the brand released a pay-what-you-want expansion that generated $70,000 for parent company Wikimedia.

This year, the brand came up with a holiday promo that boasts a certain level of crass honesty rarely seen in the world of Mall Santas and Black Friday sales — rather than waving shiny things in the faces of consumers and trying to convince them why such things are necessary for a joyful holiday, CAH just came right out and called their promo what it is: Twelve Days of Holiday Bullshit.

The deal was quite simple: send the company twelve bucks, and they’ll send you twelve mystery items over the course of twelve days. Who would sign up for such a thing, you ask? In less than a single day, all 100,000 signup spots were sold. Not only is that hugely impressive, but the fact that such a feat was achieved with virtually no advertising and no explanation or guarantee of what the customers were paying for, speaks volumes about CAH’s brand-loyal fanbase.

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