We’re not quite sure how we missed the story of the Chinese billionaire and his wayward lesbian daughter, but the time has come to share it—because it has inspired the next Sasha Baron Cohen film.

Just over a week ago the world first met Cecil Chao, a Hong Kong real estate tycoon who loves his own daughter more than anything but can’t seem to accept the fact that she’s a lesbian. Back in April, 33-year-old architecture graduate Gigi Chao—who also happens to run the PR/model management agency Haute Monde—flew to France to begin a civil union with her longtime (female) partner, 45-year-old Sean Yeung.

Cecil was apparently so upset that he came up with what may be the world’s least brilliant plan to “win” his daughter back—he offered a reward of approximately $65 million to any man who could “convert” her and convince her to marry him.

We may be wrong, but we don’t think this is the way such things work.

The fact that Cecil is a lifelong bachelor who claims to have had “intimate relations” with more than 10,000 women and that he completely denies his daughter’s elopement adds even more of a circus-like quality to this story. We can certainly see why Cohen loved it.

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