With the President’s health care reform legislation upheld by the Supreme Court, the question is “Now what?” As we reported last week, PR specialists with health care expertise had already begun their preparations for the decision. Now the next steps have to be taken.

“Lobbyists are bracing for a flood of healthcare regulations now that the Supreme Court has cleared away uncertainty about the reform law’s future,” The Hill reports.

“[W]ith the mandate intact after Thursday’s 5-4 ruling, lobbyists say they’re ready to get down to the nitty-gritty and focus on the regulations that will be created under the sweeping overhaul,” the story continues.

Health care messaging, education, and continued campaigns to further different policies are in our future. Some say things will remain slow because of the summer season. Others think things will quickly accelerate as folks start pushing for changes and making preparations to institute parts of the law.

Al Jackson, MD of Chandler Chicco Companies‘ Washington office, offers three of big takeaways, after the jump.

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