Though most of Major League Baseball (MLB) will retain its relationship with online ticket site StubHub, the New York Yankees, the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim are pursuing alternative platforms for fans to resell extra tickets.

On the surface, the StubHub arrangement sounds like a great deal for all involved. After all, if everyone profits from the sale of a single ticket, what could be better than selling that same ticket a second time?

Every time a ticketholder sells a ticket on StubHub, the company takes 23 percent of the transaction and gives MLB more than half of the windfall. That adds up to the tune of $60 million a year for MLB–and StubHub can promote its services on the hallowed real estate of MLB teams’ official websites. The arrangement appears bulletproof.

Except for one thing: The fans, especially season ticket holders who are dedicated, passionate and loyal to their teams—both emotionally and financially. They’re getting screwed.

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