Note to New York City criminals: The next obviously fake “individual” who wants to friend you on Facebook may well be a cop in disguise!

Every agency has an official social media rules document, right? Well, these “how not to be a jackass online” guides aren’t limited to PR organizations: New York’s finest now have one too.

Last year we got news that Ray Kelly’s boys in blue had created a social media unit to scan the various networks for signs of criminals dumb enough to brag about their crimes online. Now the NYPD has, for the first time, laid out a set of rules for officers to follow when using social media as an investigative tool. Let’s get to the juiciest bits:

  • Officers can create as many fake Facebook/Twitter profiles as they deem necessary—as long as they register them with the department. This goes directly against the company’s terms of service, so we’d love to get Zuckerberg’s thoughts on the issue. Read more