Today the US Patent Office Granted the New York-based firm D Simon Productions official trademark approval for the term “PRketing™.”

Company CEO and President Doug Simon describes PRketing ™ as “a new approach to brand building that relies upon content creation and distribution to achieve business and marketing goals.”

In order to fall under Simon’s newly trademarked banner, content must be good enough to inspire journalists (or, let’s be honest, bloggers) to share it across various media platforms while simultaneously heightening the public’s awareness of a given client and serving its larger PR goals. Sounds like a new way to describe brand journalism, doesn’t it?

We’ve written a good bit about the “boundary-free” appeal of firms beefing up their content-creation capabilities in order to offer both marketing and PR services in the same tidy package–and we can say with confidence that it’s hardly a new idea.

Here’s the given D Simon Productions example of PRketing ™ in action:

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