Discover Card In our relentless march toward efficiency, the public will do just about anything to save precious time so we can spend more of our lives on Facebook fretting about privacy concerns that don’t exist. Human nature is peculiar indeed, particularly when it comes to our obsession with our personal privacy.

Now that Discovery Financial Services plans to implement a new and efficient payment system, we know the public will take notice despite the fact that it’s currently limited to on-site employees. Why? Because this new payment system uses personal fingerprints instead of credit cards to charge customers. Did you just ball your hand into a fist as your read that last sentence? That’s totally understandable.

Using one’s fingerprints to buy a case of beer would make even the most easy-going American wary. Our prints are unique, and they’re so closely linked to our personal identity, our humanity and our individuality that fingerprints alone can send someone to jail—even if they happen to be innocent. Fingerprints are that powerful, and using them to do something as menial as shop makes the public queasy.

So, from a public relations perspective, what should Discovery do to promote this new payment system?

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