Its traffic figures are huge, buying ad space on its sites is relatively cheap, and it’s a pretty safe bet that your ads would stand out, as your competitors likely aren’t placing their marketing there. With such a description, one might wonder what great untapped marketing resource could possibly be so alluring, yet so under-utilized. The answer, friends, is porn sites. Most brands (aside from those selling adult products), don’t even consider advertising on such sites, as the potential for huge numbers of eyes on their ads is simply not worth the obvious PR pitfalls of being associated with graphic adult content.

But food-delivery service EAT24 has no such qualms.

The company not only proudly touts its app and services on naughty websites, but has also written a detailed blog post explaining why and how it went “where no marketing team has gone before. Well, at least not without clearing their browser history afterward.”

“When we start a new marketing campaign,” states the post, “one of our main goals is to maximize ROI” while staying within budget. The post goes on to explain:

“We don’t really like throwing piles of cash at huge traditional media campaigns. We prefer to be smart with our money, which is why we have to come up with creative and unique marketing strategies to fit our budget and brand. It’s an eternal quest to find the perfect ad platform with really high traffic, and dirt cheap inventory. Basically, a unicorn.”

The company says it has discovered just such a mythical marketing platform:

“The solution: PORN, the Internet’s unicorn. Read more