Remember Bic‘s disastrous “Bic for Her” line of pens? Well, get ready for the next installment of you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-us with this female-targeted “brandering.”

Ladies: Have you been dreaming of your very own tablet with which to organize your Stepford Wives lives full of nothing but recipe swapping, calorie-measuring and clothes shopping? Do you find yourselves bewildered by the complexity of the (obviously male-targeted) tablets currently on the market? Well then the ePad Femme is for you!

Manufactured by the Dubai-based Eurostar Group, the ePad Femme comes with every app any woman could ever want pre-loaded: the list includes such necessities as “Women’s Assistant” (the logo for which is a scale wrapped in a tape measure…gee, we wonder what that’s for), “Finest Perfume for Women,” “Clothing Size Conversion”, “Shopping List”, and “Our Groceries.”

Now, to be fair, we do have a Pinterest account that features boards dedicated to fitness, recipes, a dream closet, etc.–but we also have boards dedicated to our careers, our non-weight-obsessed hobbies and other interests.

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