Melissa MidwestMeet Melissa Midwest

You guessed it. “Midwest” is not her surname; it’s a tribute to her obsession with geography. You see, Melissa Midwest neé Harrington is an aspiring film star, producer and model in porn.

And if you are single and looking to mingle, she may look familiar—by which I mean that her face has been all over dating website

She didn’t authorize the use of her (clothed) image, so she recently joined a class-action lawsuit seeking $4.5 billion from

In the suit, Harrington says that is “intentionally” using her image to boost profits and website traffic.

She says she’s gotten “thousands of complaints from American romance-scam victims over the past six-plus years” who were duped by her images, as well as complaints from “hundreds of victims who were defrauded out of millions of dollars.”

And in other news, Ms. Midwest was seen checking her latest porn star rankings thanks to this “terrible publicity.”