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10 Biggest and 5 Most Surprising Brands ‘Friended’ by Millennials

Facebook BEER

No alcohol here, sorry.

Recent studies have told us that the kids these days just aren’t really into brands on social media. WPP found that 55 percent of young Americans don’t see the point of “friending” a brand, and Edelman told us yesterday that a vast majority of consumers simply aren’t satisfied with the “relationships” they have with corporate entities online — even the ones whose products they buy.

Many brands, however, have managed to accumulate thousands, if not millions, of Millennial “fans.” Independent ad agency Moosylvania recently conducted a survey of 1,500 young people to identify the top 50 such brands, and we’ve reviewed the first 10 for this post.

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Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

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Edelman Reboots Its Russian Operations

Edelman PR LogoWe’re fascinated by the very concept of public relations in a formerly closed society like the one now run by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. But the practice certainly does exist, and this weekend Edelman PR announced plans to continue the scheduled reboot of its Russian operations after facing some challenges that led the firm to liquidate its Russian acquisition Imageland.

In 2012 Edelman “ran into some problems” due to pushback from Russia’s Solidarity trade union, which encouraged laid off Imageland employees to form their own union and take legal action against the firm. That spat appears to have resolved itself; in an interview with The Holmes Report, Edelman Russia general manager Kerry Irwin confirms that the office’s staff will include several former Imageland executives who stuck around through a wave of departures.

Edelman represents brands like HP, Wrigley and Mars in Russia. The firm apparently does not plan to work directly with Putin’s government like Ketchum sometimes does, but the Kremlin could certainly use the help: Edelman’s own 2013 “Trust Barometer” study found that Russian citizens unsurprisingly report some of the world’s lowest rates of trust in their own government and media outlets. We’d suggest more Boyz II Men concerts as a good way to start winning the public back, because if there’s one thing pretty much everyone around the world can agree on, it’s the healing power of 90′s R&B.

Google’s Eric Schmidt: ‘It’s Very Easy to Criticize a Company That You’re Not In’

Google’s executive chairman expressed the headline’s sentiment during a discussion with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of All Things D at New York’s 92 Y yesterday evening. Schmidt’s comments varied from scripted to candid when discussing his Silicon Valley competitors and Google’s innovative products such as driverless cars.(Google’s Street Views Car, pictured at left, is currently on display at Mountain View’s Computer History Museum)

Schmidt leveled his harshest criticism at Microsoft, a company he excludes from his list of four major industry players (Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook). He said, “They’re well-funded, but they haven’t been able to bring out state-of-the-art products in key areas. Let’s see what their new set of products does.”

Yet Schmidt sympathized with HP‘s recent struggles, describing his friend Meg Whitman as a “capable CEO.” He noted, while enterprise businesses once had lots of time develop various strategies, they’re now under considerably more pressure to find solutions to pressing problems as quickly as possible.

Schmidt also cut Facebook some slack, saying that “with a billion users, they can find ways to make money.” While acknowledging Facebook’s enormous database of registered users, he also pointedly noted, “Google wants more registered users, but we’re not forcing customers to sign up.”

Schmidt also lauded Twitter for doing “an excellent job of celebrity branding” while referring to the many stars who have used the platform to expand their followings and expressed hope that Google+ might one day become a key competitor.

Despite Schmidt’s widely quoted critiques about Apple’s inferior iPhone maps, he saved his highest praise for his main rival. “Apple did a phenomenal job of building integrated solutions and they did a tremendous job with tablets.” He also emphasized that Apple has more cash. He said that Apple “still has a special place in his heart”, which makes sense–Schmidt once served on Apple’s Board and had a close personal relationship with Steve Jobs.

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Tech Round Up: Facebook’s IPO, Shazamming the Super Bowl, and More

-The big tech news this week is of course Facebook filing paperwork to go public, with some calling its financials “disappointing,” seeing how its $3.7 billion in revenue last year is just one-tenth of tech rival Google. An IPO could happen this spring.

-Speaking of Facebook, the Pew Research Internet Project released a report that shows that people behave on Facebook as they do in real life.

-Click here for an infographic that imagines a world without Google. (Gasp!)

-Need a good contact in the digital space? PR software maker Cision has introduced “Cision Influencer Lists,” which are nicely packaged records of influential contacts, compiled and constantly updated by Cision’s media research team. A news release is available here.

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HP Asks Concertgoers to Rethink Printing

Thirty Seconds to Mars

HP made recent business headlines with its new CEO. It’s also trying to generate headlines for its new ePrint technology, which it’s launching with a sponsored concert tour. Earlier this year, HP partnered with Live Nation and the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. At MediaPost’s OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising) Global conference on Tuesday in New York, Tariq Hassan, VP marketing at HP, and Russell Wallach, president of Live Nation Network, detailed their multimedia collaboration.

Music and technology combined to form two “passion points,” since “the core music fan is also connected 24/7,” Wallach noted. “In the past, people at concerts put up lighters during the show, and then it was cell phones. Now mobile phones connect you with other fans and those not at the venue, so the music experience is shared.” He reported that during performances 65 percent share on social media sites and 56 percent upload photos.

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Good Communication Will Help Whitman In Her New HP CEO Position

Meg Whitman is the new CEO of HP. Hooray! Right? Kind of? People are already talking smack. Although, the board, which fired Leo Apotheker after less than a year, isn’t getting raves either.

Anyhoo, the first email about the leadership change went to employees yesterday, serving as a Braveheart-style pep talk about the importance of the company and the staffers. But it’s consumers, investors, analysts, and others who also need convincing. The company just a few weeks ago decided, out of the blue, to drop the TouchPad six weeks in, change the focus of the business, and try to buy another company.

And even though she’s promising “continuity,” that may not be the best message to put out there either.

“We’re going to get more of the same from a Meg Whitman- led HP as we did from a Leo-led HP,” one analyst told Bloomberg. “The board isn’t going to change the strategy and is going to continue down this path, which frankly was the fear.”
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HP Says Supply Will Meet TouchPad Demand

Boxer Manny Pacquiao in the HP TouchPad ad.

Ever since HP announced that it was discontinuing its six-week-old tablet, the TouchPad, demand has spiked. This is because of the drop in price, which has gone from the $400-$500 range down to the $100-$200 range. All of a sudden, people can’t get enough.

But HP has decided it isn’t dropping the tablet cold turkey. The company has announced there will be more TouchPad’s to meet this demand. Mark Budgell, a social media strategist on HP’s PR team, writes on the company blog that the company will be “winding down production” in the fourth fiscal quarter, which ends October 31.

“Since we announced the price drop, the number of inquiries about the product and the speed at which it disappeared from inventory has been stunning. I think it’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised by the response,” he writes.

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Brunswick Jumps In The Autonomy/HP Deal

Photo: Tim Ireland, PA

Autonomy, the tech company that is now in the process of being acquired by HP, has hired Brunswick Group to help with the deal. The company already worked with FD on financial communications matters. Richard Jacques, a Brunswick partner, and Chris Blundell, a director at the firm, are handling the work.

Shares of the company’s stock leaped 75 percent with the announcement of the proposed deal.

Total aside, we’re sitting near a TV and just heard the Lea Michele TouchPad ad playing in the back. *Sigh*

[via PRWeek UK]

HP Drops Out of Tablet War

'Glee's Lea Michele in a TouchPad ad

In a sad but not entirely surprising move, Silicon Valley’s HP surrendered to the mighty power of the Apple iPad on Thursday and announced that it would cease production of it’s tablet computer, the TouchPad, after a mere six weeks on the market. Six weeks! The poor TouchPad. It was like a new kid at school who didn’t even get a chance; reminiscent of but not quite as blatant a copy as its sorry little cousin, the Microsoft Zune.

In addition to the TouchPad, HP said it would stop selling other webOS like smartphones, and may somehow “spin-off” the Personal Systems Group, which sells PCs. The company said it will strike a deal to buy Autonomy, an analytics business, for $11.7 billion. The idea is to move the company into bigger moneymaking businesses, like software.

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Tools Round Up: Factiva Adds Features, eMarketer’s New App, and More

Factiva is unveiling a number of new bells and whistles, Dow Jones has announced. Among them are a new iPad app (which will be accessible in nine languages), a new user interface and “Snapshots” tool that will allow users to personalize the information they need, and the addition of 100 Arabic sources, 3,000 blogs, and millions of company profiles.

EMarketer has launched a new mobile app: Executive View for iPhone. Users of Executive View and eMarketer Total Access will have access to the app anywhere. Executive View will be available for Android and Blackberry users in May.

HP has sent out the invites for the March 2 launch party for its new phone, Veer, which has a 2.6-inch touchscreen, TechCrunch reports. A Best Buy or AT&T business card is required to attend the party, which has implications… TechCrunch guesstimates that the phone will hit stores that week.

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