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Chipotle Goes All In on ‘Factory Farming’ Message with Hulu Mini-Series

Chipotle appears to have taken content marketing to its logical conclusion by producing an online mini-series that never once mentions its own product.

From what we can tell, Farmed and Dangerous—created with NY “branded entertainment” firm Piro—stars Laura Palmer’s dad as a guy who does damage control for the kind of unethical corporate farming interest that earns the strong disapproval of the Chipotle organization. The plot, as seen in the trailer above, revolves around said industrial giant creating a petroleum-based feed for cattle, and it includes at least four half-hour episodes that could be extended into a second “season” if the experiment works.

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Facebook Wants to Know What You Had for Breakfast This Morning

Facebook’s latest plan to convince brands and advertisers that its services have some real-world value involves utilizing the endless data collected via users’ adventures beyond their own accounts.

In other words, Zuck and company’s new aggregation partners will collect info about what users do when they’re not scrolling through their newsfeeds so the ‘book can better tailor ads to relevant audiences and convince more clients to pay for exposure. Yes, the faceless Big Data-bot wants to know which books you bought on Amazon, which shows you watch on Hulu and which restaurants you like on Yelp and Seamless — because it’s all about those cookies. Identifying data will be scrambled, so your names won’t be revealed. But still: New World Order, One World Government, cats marrying dogs, yadda yadda. We’re all doomed.

As All Things D‘s Peter Kafka observed yesterday, this sounds a whole lot like what Google and other companies have been doing for years. So now brands have two options: they can promote themselves the Facebook way by shoving sponsored stories in your face or they can use outside data to reach target audiences like everyone else. They can also do both and compare the data.

More options are a good thing! But will this move make Facebook more valuable for clients and users? We’re pretty tired of seeing sponsored posts that don’t interest us at all, so we’ll say maybe.

NBC and Jimmy Fallon Need a Late Night Time Machine

Jimmy FallonThe late night ratings wars have never been funny. From David Letterman and Jay Leno to Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon, the bitter rivalries and backdoor deals only remind the public of how desperate the television industry is for viewers.

So when news broke that NBC tapped Jimmy Fallon to replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show and move the storied franchise back to its original home, New York City, the public collectively sighed and vowed to remind itself to set its DVR or check out Hulu at work. Clearly NBC is seeking the next Johnny Carson to revive television ratings (which is kinda like the music industry seeking the next Michael Bolton or Kenny G to revive CD sales).

News flash: The Roots are a great house band and all, but the public has moved on.

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Ads Before/After Shows Purchased Online: Necessary or Overkill?

Archer FXWe understand that networks, cable companies, etc., are struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving world of online video. Viewers are increasingly demanding that their favorite shows be available to watch whenever and wherever they want, redefining make-or-break factors like ratings and advertising.

So we don’t really mind watching ads while streaming videos on sites like Hulu, as long as it means we don’t have to miss trivia night at the local bar in order to catch the next episode of The Following.

But when we purchase an episode via Amazon or iTunes, our expectations, it seems, are entirely different.

After watching a recently purchased episode of Archer (an FX show) via our boyfriend’s Amazon account, we noticed that fellow fans had given it a surprisingly low rating. Curious, we read through the comments section only to find that every single negative comment concerned the ads for other FX shows that preceded the video.

Here are a few of the angrier comments:

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Will the ‘Social Sharing Bill’ Keep Netflix On Top?

Netflix Facebook2012 was a year of recovery for Netflix; the world’s top streaming service lost a fair number of subscribers after the late-2011 Qwikster debacle and the pricing bump that came along with it. While Netflix made the right move with a backstep and an apology, we argued in a guest post that the damage done to the brand would probably be permanent.

There’s little doubt that the company’s star is dimmer today than it once was–we’ve considered dropping the service and sticking with Hulu and Amazon–but the folks in red still rule the streaming game, and some think that a newly passed bill allowing the company to expand its partnership with Facebook will cement its status as top dog for some time.

Long story short: after ideological opponents leaked Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork’s video rental record to the press, Congress passed a 1988 law making it harder to share one’s viewing history with the public. Now that the law has been updated, we’ll see some changes to the Netflix model in 2013. But how will they change our perception of the brand?

We’re not sure exactly how the new features will work, but we know users will now have the power to share viewing, renting and rating histories with the public and recommend individual titles to Facebook friends. Company policy will also allow users to “withdraw consent whenever they want on a ‘video-by-video’ basis”, which is good–we want Netflix to give us accurate recommendations, but we don’t want our moms or our friends to know that we watched a Kathy Griffin stand-up special and enjoyed it.

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Seinfeld’s New PR Strategy: Do Nothing!

I know that guy from somewhere...Well, not really. Despite the headaches and last-minute dramas that plague the PR industry, the best way to bring positive attention to yourself and your product is sometimes the simplest: Just do your thing and talk about it to anyone who will listen.

Of course, it helps if your name is Jerry Seinfeld. Most entertainers and media pros aren’t quite blessed with Jerry’s cache: Despite some dubious career choices, he will always be the star and co-creator of scripted comedy’s once-and-future-king, a show whose ratings will almost certainly never be surpassed in an era of splintering audiences and dwindling returns.

As Mediabistro’s newest property LostRemote reports, Seinfeld has apparently revived the struggling Sony Pictures venture Crackle on the power of name recognition alone by taking every opportunity to hype his new, extremely low-key project “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” (with the help of a few obscure thespians like Larry David and Ricky Gervais). Is it funny? That doesn’t really matter: It has certainly led to new interest in Crackle, and Sony now plans to develop original scripted series for the site in the interest of competing with Hulu and Netflix.

Bottom line: Seinfeld seems to have made himself relevant again, and the workload involved so far has been light enough to make even George Costanza proud.

Revolving Door: ‘Good Afternoon America,’ magazine covers, and more

video platform video management video solutions video player

ABC News will launch a nine-week hour-long program called Good Afternoon America, an extension of GMA, starting July 9. Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer will host with special appearance by other GMA newscasters. The show will air at 2 p.m. ET.

And NBC News anchor and TODAY show weekend anchor Amy Robach has moved toABC News.

The magazine cover takes on renewed significance. [via AdWeek]

Katie Couric at the University of Virginia commencement: ““Some said I lacked ‘gravitas,’ which I’ve since decided is Latin for ‘testicles.’” [via TVNewser]

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Super Bowl Ad Frenzy Overshadowing the Game?

It’s only Tuesday, but the buzz surrounding the Super Bowl ads is hitting fever pitch. Where to begin?

First, we’ve got more teasers and pre-releases. Mashable has a rundown of the most shared as of yesterday afternoon. But since then, we’ve already added a teaser from Hulu, starring Will Arnett (note the #mushymush hashtag) and the latest Acura ad, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. The hashtag for that one is #JerryNSX. Brands have learned that they have to take digital initiative to get the most bang for their many, many bucks if they want to get their own version of “The Force.”

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Tech Round Up: Google+ Photo Upgrade; Cision for Smartphones; and More

Google+ today announced a few product updates, including one that affects how photos appear in its lightbox function. We’ve got a video above, care of Wired. The article says the improvements are meant to keep up with Facebook’s new Timeline feature, which is now slowly rolling out, and Twitter’s redesign. Twitter introduced brand pages and other features a couple of weeks ago.  Our colleagues at AllTwitter break down the bells and whistles.

Cision is now available on smartphones and tablets. Cision search capabilities are now accessible on iPhones, iPads, iTouch, and Android devices, and has been certified for use on Google Chrome.

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