Cell-Phone-Map-with-locationIt seems that we, as consumers, don’t really mind being stalked by brands, assuming we get something out of it. At least that’s what we’re taking from the findings of a new survey conducted by Millward Brown Digital in eight countries, which revealed that 80 percent of consumers would share location data with brands in order to receive SMS or push messages.

In fact, 59 percent of global respondents actually say they prefer SMS and push campaigns over other forms of mobile marketing, including videos, banner/display ads, and email.

That’s not to say, however, that consumers would be happy to receive these messages unsolicited or from just anyone — though people are open to sharing their location data to get personalized SMS messages, most prefer these exchanges to occur with their favorite trusted brands, and want the messages to be relevant.

When asked why they would share location data with a company, those surveyed gave the following responses:

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