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Apple Responds to iOS 7 Motion Sickness Complaints with Better Solution

iOS 7.0.3 new Reduce Motion setting - YouTubeWe recently discussed the large number of motion sickness complaints that Apple has received since its release of iOS 7, and the need for the company to take the PR reigns and step up with a solution. The zoom animations that occur when users switch between applications, along with a dynamic background and 3D impression, or a parallax effect, which makes the icons look as though they are floating above the background, have been making people dizzy, and up until this week, the suggested “fixes” didn’t seem to go far enough in reducing the motion.  

On Tuesday, however, Apple released its iOS 7.0.3 update, which, along with several bug fixes and enhancements, offers dizziness-afflicted users a way to more completely solve the problem. Now, the Reduce Motion setting, which previously only reduced the the parallax effect, also reduces the animations. With this feature enabled, unlocking the device, opening apps, and switching between folders uses a much faster cross-fade effect, which is a bit more like what users of iOS 6 were used to.

Even though, when compared with the vast number of people with iPhones and iPads, the subset of users complaining of these issues could be considered relatively small, it was a wise choice for Apple to offer a better solution — it sends the message that each of its users is valued, and that the company wants its software to be as enjoyable and functional as possible. Read more

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iOS 7 Motion Sickness Complaints Keep Rolling In: Time for Apple to Step In?

8C9208494-130929-health-ios-1155a.blocks_desktop_smallIn the world of tech updates, change is always stressful, but it doesn’t usually make people physically ill; so, while Apple likely expected some complaints regarding the updated look and experience of its iOS 7 software, it probably assumed the naysayers would be a few fuddy-duddies resistant to learning something new, not large numbers of people complaining of motion sickness and headaches.

As someone with a vestibular disorder (Mal de Debarquement Syndrome or “MdDS”), I am always wary of things that may cause false motion sensations (the feeling that one is in motion when actually still). Since I am currently in a remission, I avoid such things at all costs. With this in mind, just moments after my fiancé downloaded and began using the new iOS 7 software on his iPhone, he burst out onto the porch where I was enjoying a cup of tea, and said, with an unusual sense of urgency, “Hun, if you haven’t downloaded iOS 7 yet, don’t! It’s even making me dizzy.”

Only hours later, I received updates from both the MdDS support group to which I belong and the Vestibular Disorders Association, informing me that iOS 7 may worsen symptoms for those prone to motion sickness and vestibular issues. It was at this point I realized Apple may have accidentally alienated people with vestibular problems, but I didn’t think it would turn into any sort of larger issue for the company — I mean, I also can’t see movies in theaters, take long trips, or play video games, so just because it’s a problem for me, doesn’t usually mean it’s a problem for most people.

But then I noticed that the story was being covered by major news organizations, like Time, Forbes, and NBC — regular people were experiencing these problems, and in large numbers. Read more

Sure, Your iPhone is Updated, but is it a LEGO Masterpiece in the Making?

It’s true what they say about technology — as soon as you’ve got the latest thing, something cooler comes along.

If you thought your iPhone — complete with its fancy new iOS 7 update — was the niftiest gadget on the block, LEGO and Belkin have some bad news for you. Unless your phone’s case allows you to turn your device into a high-tech cog in a LEGO masterpiece, you’re still a step behind the curve.

LEGO has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to PR and promotion opportunities over the past year, and cozying up to the iPhone is a great way to bring adults back into the block-playing fold. Combining our favorite grown-up toy with one of our favorite childhood ones? Double the fun!