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Obama’s Video Message to the Ivory Coast

With fighting in the Ivory Coast hopefully coming to an end, President Obama recorded a video message to the people of the Ivory Coast, who have been enmeshed in a fierce battle between the country’s elected leader, President Alassane Ouattara, and Laurent Gbagbo who has been fighting to hold on to power.

ABC NewsJake Tapper wonders in a blog post how many people in the country would actually see the video. He reports that the video was broadcast via traditional media — on television and radio — and thousands of views have been tallied in the U.S., France and in the Ivory Coast.

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Foster Farms Stuffs the Media Ahead of Obama Turkey Pardon

ABC’s Jake Tapper investigated the history of the Presidential turkey pardon, a tradition that morphed from a gift by the Turkey lobby (National Turkey Federation) into an awkward and sometimes hilarious photo opp the day before Thanksgiving.  We wanted to know more about the bird itself and its image.

As it turns out, the head of the lobby gets choose the top tom, and a Veep if said bird cannot fulfill its duties from their own farm, as reward for service to the organization.  This year, Yubert Envia VP of turkey at Foster Farms took full advantage of the honor by not only selecting the lucky pair and ushering them to Washington, but by enjoying a four-month publicity tour complete with Secret Service agents on hand for security.

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It’s Official: Fox News to Interview Obama


After some speculation last week, it’s now official: Fox News’ Major Garrett will interview President Obama tomorrow morning in Beijing. The interview comes after recent attacks on the network by now outgoing White House Communications Director Anita Dunn, and despite reports that said the administration told Fox News not to expect an interview with Obama until 2010. News broke last week that Dunn will be stepping down from her post at the end of November.

“I am not a person who is known for going rogue,” Dunn said at a media conference last week, claiming Obama was aware of the strategy to go after Fox News. Nonetheless, a source told PRNewser, “it’s a shame when they throw people under the bus,” hinting that the timing of Dunn’s departure was not her choice. Fox News spokeswoman Dana Klinghoffer said to Bloomberg only, “We wish her well in her new position.”

CBS’ Chip Reid, ABC’s Jake Tapper, NBC’s Chuck Todd and Ed Henry for CNN will also interview the President.

Robert Gibbs on ‘Today’ Show: NBC’s Chuck Todd Denied Pardon, Must Shave Goatee

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White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared on the “Today” show this morning as part of a lighthearted segment on the “Goatee Gamble.” The gamble, in case you haven’t heard, is a bet between ABC’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Chuck Todd.

If the Dodgers win the NLCS, Tapper would grow a goatee and if the Phillies win, Todd would shave his goatee, “his signature look, or a $1,000 donation will be paid by the losing correspondent to the winner’s choice of charity,” according to FishbowlDC. Well, the Phillies won, and now it’s time to settle up.

Gibbs appeared on the segment bearing shaving cream and an electric razor. “Chuck has applied for a presidential pardon and that has been denied,” he said. Al Roker egged on Todd to shave it right on the show, saying “It’s go time,” and “we have three hours.” Things got so far as Gibbs squirting some shaving cream into Todd’s hand, but alas, he didn’t shave the goatee on air.

Robert Gibbs on Healthcare Debate: Media Tend to Cover “X Said This, Y Said This”

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took the media to task at today’s press briefing for covering too much “he said, she said” when it comes to healthcare reform, and not spending enough time with the actual issues. The following exchange with ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper is highlighted in the above video.

And, look, let’s be honest. You all, the media, tend to cover, “X said this, Y said this,” but some of you — but not everyone — does an investigation about whether what X said is actually true. Now, that’s not — I’m not — that’s not a blanket statement. Not every one of you is that.

TAPPER: We’ve called the death panels false. I don’t know what more you want from us.

GIBBS: Well, I don’t think everybody’s called them false. I think a lot of people have done stories about — again, it’s he said/she said, no pun intended, because actually she said it. I don’t think there’s any doubt that in some ways — look, I — I think some of you were disappointed yesterday that the president didn’t get yelled at, sure. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

The exchange was in response to a Tapper question that asked if Obama “had lost control of the message” around healthcare reform and more specifically, “Is everything that’s going on right now what you feared would happen?”

White House Getting Into VNR Business?

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly the biggest news story. The NCAA Champion UCONN Women’s Basketball team visited the White House last month to meet with President Obama, as is customary with most championship teams.

However, for this visit, the administration barred reporters from covering the event, and instead issued their own video report, complete with news video elements such as a lower third. ABC’s Jake Tapper first brought attention to the video. TVNewser is also reporting the story.

Writes Tapper:

It’s perfectly fine, of course, for the White House to put out its own version of events — but is it right to do so by preventing actual reporters from covering something? (Even something like a pickup basketball game). Do Obama White House officials think their media coverage isn’t flattering enough?

If anything, the video resembles a video news release, or VNR, which was once a more common tool used to produce corporate video that looked more like a news story, and hence was more likely to be used by actual news channels in their broadcasts.

A congressional investigation along with FCC actions back in 2006 limited the use of VNRs, and multiple sources have told PRNewser they are rarely used anymore. However, b-roll video, which is raw video clips not packaged up to look like a news story, can still be effective if the video is compelling and used right, sources tell us. Medialink, a publicly traded company and one of the largest producers of corporate video, recently reported a Q1 revenue decline of 34.5%, in addition to publicly stating that it may “cease operations if it doesn’t receive third-party investment or attract a buyer.”

Back to the White House produce video, we want to get your take in the following poll:

Should the White House have produced its own video of this event?(opinion polls)