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Prince George Is Nine Months Old, Powerful, & A Fashion Icon

prince georgeThere was never any question that Prince George was going to captivate the world. If being English royalty weren’t enough, he’s the son of the most popular couple the English crown has seen in a long time. And while it’s usually mom, Kate Middleton, that has the fashion elite swooning, the royal family’s tour of Australia and New Zealand has also turned little George into a fashion plate.

“Every mother, especially the British ones, dream of dressing their children like the royal baby,” Christine Innamorato, creative director of fancy children’s clothier Bonpoint, told The New York Times.

One company, Early Days, which has been around since 1952 and is based in Leicester, England, had to shut down online sales because demand was too great after George was seen in the company’s “prewalkers.” The shoes generally sell at around US$50.

And Rachel Riley, whose children’s designs have been worn by little George throughout the trip, says she’s already seeing the business benefit of the royal connection. A pair of short paints he wore with a sailboat design on them sold out in hours. The same can be said for the blue cardigan he wore while deplaning in Canberra. And the outfit he wore while meeting a bilby. All of those pieces are $75 to $99 apiece.

The kangaroo backpack that pop Prince William was seen carrying early in the 19-day trip had already sold out. But those who want to get their hands on one can pre-order it for $14.95.

It’s the same impact that the “Kate effect” has had: a mad rush to retailers who make or sell the items that are seen on both the Duchess and her little boy. It helps that the clothes are affordable enough for commoners to indulge in.

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Prince Charles Gets Jealous of Kate Middleton, Steals Her Press Team


Whatever do you mean, they’re not all here to see me?

According to a Daily Beast report by someone we trust for being British, Prince Charles now wants to control the “media operation” responsible for all that fawning coverage of the more glamorous members of the royal family.

Before you ask, there is a real story here.

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Royal Hairstylist Clipped After Taking Social Media Promotions Too Far

royal weddingKate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has beautiful shiny hair from the gods. So James Pryce must be a sad sack right about now. Word has it Pryce, the man behind the tresses that wowed the world on her wedding day and her North American trip, has been axed.

The reason? He wallpapered his social media pages with pictures of the Duchess. And the Palace was not happy.

It’s clear that a lot of people knew Pryce was working with the Duchess. And she’s one of the most photographed women in the world, so if anyone wanted to see his work it’s not hard to find. The fact that this stylist felt like he needed to promote it further is a little crazy.

As any PR can tell you, you don’t go blabbing about your big client without permission, no matter how much you’re itching to. So the next time you feel the need to pull a Pryce, remember these things:

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Was the Kate Middleton Prank Call Tragedy Avoidable?

Kate Middleton Prince William In a very public attempt at damage control, the Australian radio station behind the prank call to Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s hospital has issued an apology, suspended the DJs involved, and now looks to take further steps to rescue its reputation.

While we hesitate to draw a line between the call and the subsequent suicide of the nurse/receptionist who answered it, the station has also agreed to donate all advertising profits from now until the end of the year to the woman’s family (according to a statement, the donation will amount to at least $500,000). While this offer is incredibly generous, we have to say that it all feels like “too little, too late.”

Now Australian PR man Lyall Mercer of Mercer PR weighs in, writing that both the station and the hospital should have been able to foresee the risks of their actions. First, he thinks that the hospital, knowing that any security breach would attract widespread attention, should have developed specific policies “to protect the world’s most famous people”.

We’re not quite sure we agree with that sentiment because the hospital is a public health facility, but we certainly do believe that producers at the station “should have read the future better”, because “even if the prank ‘succeeded’, there was still the real possibility of a nasty public backlash due to the fact that they called a hospital”.

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Nurse Who Handled Kate Middleton Prank Call Commits Suicide

Today in Tragic PR Stunt News: radio prank calls are as old as radio itself. Sometimes they can be amusing—who can forget the time an excited Sarah Palin answered a call from Canadian radio host “Nicolas Sarkozy” or the time Miami pranksters insulted Hugo Chavez?

Unfortunately, shock jock antics sometimes go too far. This week two Australian DJ’s followed up on the “Kate Middleton Is Pregnant” story by prank-calling the hospital that housed the Duchess after she suffered from a spell of nausea. They convinced a nurse/receptionist to put them through to the Duchess’s private nurse, thereby gaining undisclosed personal details about her case. The prank got them plenty of attention.

Today brings news of that first nurse/receptionist’s death by apparent suicide. While media outlets rightly hesitate to draw a direct line between the prank call and the tragic passing of Jacintha Saldanha, longtime hospital employee and mother of two, we think it’s quite fair to say that the DJs made a very bad decision by continuing to hype their #RoyalPrank story after Saldanha died and the radio station issued a public apology.

And now we’re very slightly satisfied to report that the hosts in question appear to have been fired for their bad behavior. Their Twitter accounts are no longer active.

We guess the station made the right move in the end, but the whole incident rightly leaves them looking very bad indeed.

Oh, Right: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant

Life & Style MagazineToday in Awkward (sort of) Press Releases News, the communications team at Buckingham Palace confirmed that we will, indeed, meet little Prince William Junior (or Juniorette) in approximately nine months: Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is pregnant.

We’re not going to conduct any in-depth analysis of this crucial world-shattering event, but we do wonder: When she agreed to marry the Prince, did Lady Catherine’s thoughts turn to the day when the Associated Press would announce her pregnancy via Twitter? Did she debate whether such a thing is classier than having one’s pregnancy announced on the cover of Life & Style magazine alongside one or more Kardashians?

…and now we return to your regularly scheduled programming. Please feel free to freak out as you see fit–we will take this Very British moment to hope that the third season of Downton Abbey is better than the second.

Why We’re All to Blame for Kate Middleton’s PR Problem

Poor Kate Middleton. And you thought your parents were paranoid about what the neighbors think.

As you’ve certainly heard by now, a photographer recently captured images of the Duchess of Cambridge topless and sold them to the highest bidder (you may have even seen the evidence if you’re a fan of French tabloid magazines or, you know, the Internet). Now Kate Middleton can only go to one of thousands of remote beaches in Europe if she wants to sunbathe nude.

But of course, this story isn’t about the human race’s painful struggle to come to grips with our own nudity. This is about an invasion of privacy, and the Royal Family is pissed. We get it.

See, this “scandal” concerns principle as much as public relations. Anyone who doesn’t want their government or corporations spying on them, invading their privacy and infringing on their freedoms should stand behind the Royal Family.

It’s easy to poke fun at pampered Cambridge folk and mock the hypocrisies of a mid-sized island country that was once an empire, but this PR dilemma has nothing to do with Kate Middleton behaving badly. This is the result of a culture—yes, that means all of us known collectively as “the public”—behaving badly. Read more

Can the Royals Beat the Tabloids Over Topless Shots?

Silvio Berlusconi always struck us as a very classy guy. Pool parties with underage models aside, he seemed like something of a traditional businessman—which is why we are not in the least surprised by his decision to continue publishing topless sunbathing photos of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and the legal team behind Britain’s royal family have decided to sue the French magazine Closer, which just happens to be part of Berlusconi’s paper empire. Italian society has responded to the scandal with a shrug–citizens note that local celebrities are simply understood to have less in the way of privacy rights than their American counterparts, and the paparazzi was in a public space when he took the pics (using a hyper-zoom telephoto lens, of course).

But France has stricter privacy laws, and experts state that some have “undoubtedly” been broken. It would seem that Will and Kate have a case there–but we have no doubt that the magazine’s publishers considered the cost of an inevitable lawsuit before running the photos and decided to go with them anyway.

Could this be a PR victory for the royal couple? We doubt it–even if Berlusconi has to pay a fine and recall thousands of magazines, he still got the attention he wanted. He claims ownership of the photos, and in a striking coincidence he happens to be preparing for another political run. Can the royals win a significant victory, or will the publishers go unpunished? What do you think?

Headwear Association Scores with ‘Hat Person of the Year’ Announcement

Photo: Mirrorpix, Splash News / Newscom

From fascinators to cowboy hats, Kate Middleton — the Duchess of Cambridge and most-talked-about bride of 2011 — has worn headgear of every shape and size. Which is why she’s The Headwear Association’s “Hat Person of the Year.” Whoopee? That’s almost as great as being the Queen of England.

While we’re not sure the royals are planning to mark the occasion with castle festivities or some sort of Beefeater revelry, this is quite the publicity stunt for the obscure, century-old organization. The announcement has spawned much more coverage than the Headwear Association has had in a while, to judge by the news section of its website. But, this is the third year for the designation.

The Daily Beast gives the voting process the crooked eye, but The Daily Mail takes the honor much more seriously.

“She has raised the profile, not only of established names like Philip Treacy and Sylvia Fletcher of Lock & Co, but also little-known designers such as Rose Cory and Vivien Sheriff,” the paper writes.

5 Things You Need to Know This Week: Herman Cain Sings and Matt Lauer Goes Missing

In this week’s episode of “5 Things You Need to Know This Week,” Herman Cain sings about sexual harassment, Justin Bieber has a baby with Kate Middleton (I think I have that right), and nobody seems to know the whereabouts of Matt Lauer. Plus, we debut the 1st annual “Where in the World is ‘Five Things You Need to Know This Week?’”

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