We know that PR firms love winning awards and telling people that they’ve won awards, so we think our readers will be very interested in today’s “tips and tools” guest post courtesy of Kevin Swanepoel, president of The One Club. The Club, a non-profit organization created to champion and promote excellence in advertising and design in all its forms, produces events like the One Show, One Show Design, One Show Interactive and One Show Entertainment.

Here’s the golden rule for winning an award: make sure your work is great. Simple enough — but even if you have the best product, service or creative work in the world, you can trip up your entry with practical mistakes that delay or taint a submission that might have been a winner. Consider the following tips in order to give your submission the best chance of winning:

1. Avoid the “Shotgun” Approach:  This may sound strange coming from someone whose organization thrives on a large pool of awards submissions, but submitting an entry for all categories under the sun won’t improve your chances of winning and may weaken them instead.  Some entrants believe that if they submit their work for consideration in six categories, their chances will improve sixfold! The reality, however, is that judges are people who are susceptible to desensitization and annoyance.  If they see a good submission in the correct category once, it’s fresh and original.  If they see it five more times, it becomes trite and even overbearing.

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