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Justin Timberlake Joins the Dumb ‘Creative Director’ Hiring Boom

Here is a public relations tip for brands that hire celebrities as “creative directors”:

The American public is just beginning to shake the awfulness of a recession that landed many talented and ambitious souls in the unemployment line; millions still yearn for jobs worthy of their hard work and skills.

So when your company decides to invent a job and then fill it with someone who doesn’t even need a job, you’re telling the public “We don’t understand you at all.”

We were surprised when Justin Timberlake accepted a role as Bud Light’s creative director to help the brand “… define Bud Light Platinum’s identity in the lifestyle space.” We like Mr. Timberlake. Though a huge celebrity, he seems like the kind of guy who would help you clean up after a party and crash on your couch.

He’s a regular on Saturday Night Live; he clearly has a sense of humor and a healthy sense of self-awareness. But now he joins the ranks of “people with ridiculous amounts of money who apparently need more money” that includes Alicia Keys (creative director for BlackBerry), Lady Gaga (creative director for Polaroid), and (creative director for Intel).

What’s going on? What happened to brands hiring celebrities to appear in commercials and then calling it a day?

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Beyoncé Lip-Syncs the National Anthem, Public Shrugs

So, you may have heard about the scandal of the day: Beyoncé did not perform the National Anthem live at yesterday’s inauguration. Quelle horreur! You think we’re joking, but people have been debating this online: Is she a horrible person? How should she phrase her sincere apology?

We’re not big fans or anything, but we don’t quite understand why some people think this is a big deal–and we certainly don’t expect any apologetic follow-up appearances. It’s not like she’s Milli Vanilli, who weren’t anywhere near the studio where their “hits” were produced. Even Yo-Yo Ma, acclaimed cellist who obviously could have played it live, chose not to play it live in 2009.

Still, she is a pop star, and public perception is very important to her career. We have a feeling Lady Gaga would have made a joke out of the fact that she wasn’t singing live–which is probably why no one invited her to perform.

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Americans, Annoyed By Voting, Voice Outrage on Twitter

What, you thought we wouldn’t post any more election stories today? To all our readers who already voted: how annoying/rewarding was the whole process? Was it worth the “voter’s high”? Is that even a thing?

Reminder: We live in a democracy, and just as we have a right to vote we also have a right–nay, an obligation–to bitch about it! Or to celebrate it! We can’t seem to decide! Here, then, is a collection of fun/inspiring/informative/borderline offensive tweets from Americans who just can’t help but express their complex relationship with the act of voting.

How about some light humor?
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Omaze Turns the Charity Model on Its Head

The non-profit business model is timeless: Celebrities and other well-to-do individuals identify a personal cause and encourage fans and followers to get involved–but the whole venture runs on the large donations of the fortunate few.

While Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins were still in business school, they attended a charity event that inspired them to change that equation altogether. The two classmates would have loved the opportunity to play basketball with Magic Johnson, but the price on the play date was a prohibitive $15,000. The incident got them thinking about a new way of running a charity venture–by expanding the playing field to include all interested parties.

Now they bring us Omaze, a project that offers fans “the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences that also support social missions.”

Omaze is no small-time operation: past partners include Lady Gaga, Modern Family, the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, Meet the Press and the cast of Glee. Here’s the kicker: the required donation for participants is only five dollars. That’s right, for five bucks the super-fan can enter to win the chance to hang out with the cast of his/her favorite show…and support a worthwhile charity in the process!

How are they able to run a successful operation on the strength of such tiny donations?

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PR and Porn Part 5: Joanna Angel, the Brand

In yesterday’s fourth chapter of our week-long “PR and Porn” series, Burning Angel CEO Joanna Angel described the steps she took to establish her brand once she decided to plot a career in porn.

In today’s final chapter, she describes some PR stunts that her company uses to promote their products, discusses how the industry has changed over the past decade, and talks about things that would surprise people most about her business. 

Now that Burning Angel is an established brand, how do you promote new products and releases?

“We just put it on our website, promote it on Twitter, make sure the distribution company gets it into as many stores as possible, and send out press releases. Our individual girls will also promote it to all their fans.”

Sounds fairly simple, right? Has Burning Angel ever pulled any big PR stunts?

“We’re not really into stunts. People do get a kick out of the fact that I’m Jewish and grew up very religious, so I recently did a Chanukah-themed move called “8 Guys, 8 Nights”. We found a royalty-free dreidel song and put it on the trailer; we had a guy standing in the shape of a menorah at the beginning of the scene. People liked that a lot.”

“Last year for Halloween, we made a black-and-white Frankenstein parody, and this year we’re doing a parody of The Evil Dead. We don’t do quick and easy, because I take what I do seriously and I hate it when porn becomes a circus.”

What role did Burning Angel play in the current popularity of “alt-porn”?  

“I don’t want to take credit for people’s careers. But it’s different today and people are exposed at a younger age. I know 19-year-olds who are fans, have my movies and come to conventions to meet me. I give Burning Angel a little credit, but it was just a matter of time before porn opened to a younger demographic, and most younger people aren’t looking for bleached blondes with fake boobs—they’re looking for someone who might sit next to them in class.”

That’s where Burning Angel comes in. As demographics and viewership grow, is it easier for women to become successful in the industry?

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Spin the Agencies of Record

Hyundai’s dedicated shop, Innocean, has secured its first non-auto client in the U.S. FootJoy, the maker of performance-wear golf products, hired the company to launch a repositioning campaign that includes social media, TV and digital responsibilities.

Rob Kelley, FootJoy’s director of brand marketing, explained that Innocean “demonstrated a deep understanding of the game, our business and the ability to capture the consumer’s attention through fully integrated campaigns across all channels, just a few of the factors that led to their selection in this review process.”

The FDA has selected six agencies to work on its anti-smoking educational campaigns. The agencies, which will support different responsibilities under the new effort, include Interpublic Group‘s Campbell-Ewald, True North Communications, Mullen Communications, WPP’s Grey Global Group, the independent agency Riester and the American Legacy Foundation. Some agencies will allocate work to agency partners. The campaigns are mostly funded by tax-like fees from tobacco companies, which collectively involve a maximum of $390 million awarded over five years. Read more

Lady Gaga Gets Political After ‘Slut’ Remarks

Despite the fact that Lady Gaga was born and raised in Manhattan (here’s a horrible review of her dad’s new Upper West Side Italian restaurant), she hasn’t really gotten involved in local politics–but that all changed this week.

Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro received more than his usual share of media attention after using a launch event for his newest substance abuse prevention program to call Gaga a “slut” who is “influencing many, many children”–all because she was photographed mock-smoking a joint onstage at a concert in Amsterdam last week before joking, “For those of you wondering if I’m high right now, I am not.”

We’re a little concerned about Molinaro’s grasp of popular slang (or lack thereof). And we have a feeling his remarks weren’t a planned part of his new PR initiative.

Scott Stringer, Manhattan Borough President and mayoral candidate, saw an opportunity to worm his way into what we will call “Slut-gate”, leaping to Gaga’s defense by calling her “a social justice activist and a real leader for marriage equality in this country” in an interview with the New York Daily News.

She quickly returned the favor today by tweeting her thanks to Stringer—and her 30 million other followers. We’re not sure if this incident will improve Scott Stringer’s chances in the mayoral race, but we’re fairly certain that a lot more people know his name today than yesterday, and we say touché, sir!

Political PR is truly surreal, isn’t it?

Beyoncé Brings the World to Attention for Humanitarian Day

How do you get 1.13 billion people to “do something good, somewhere, for someone else”? Why, you show them a Beyoncé video, of course! Throw in some impressive CGI and inspiring imagery from around the globe and you’re golden, baby!

For this year’s World Humanitarian Day, which took place on August 19, the United Nations partnered with digital ad agency Droga5 to reach hundreds of millions of people with that very simple, universal message. The campaign, titled “I Was Here” (Twitter hashtags #WHD2012 and #IWASHERE), drew its inspiration from a Beyoncé song of the same name, so of course she was a natural choice to take part in a campaign that will also help burnish her humanitarian cred (the video already has well  over 4 million views):

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Lady Gaga Knows How to Handle the Public

Sometimes a group of talented, well-meaning people sees a potential crisis brewing, acts in the moment and leaves everyone involved looking and feeling really awkward. This was one of those times.

Here we have the world’s top pop star, her security detail and an overzealous Romanian fan starring in the first episode of what (we hope) will not be a long-running series titled “How NOT to Make a Good Public Impression.”

Takeaways: While watching the always-oblivious Lady Gaga glance at her ill-fated fan like he were some kind of exotic but potentially dangerous monkey, we have to wonder whether a healthy connection to the real world should be required for pop stardom. So tell us: Could Gaga’s handlers write a “crisis resolution for dummies” white paper to help her and the two buns in her beefcake sandwich handle similar incidents in the future?

Bristol Palin Broadcasts to Millions to Prove She’s ‘Anti-Hollywood’

Bristol Palin’s new reality series, Life’s a Tripp, which premieres tonight on Lifetime, is being marketed as a show about an “anti-Hollywood,” down-to-earth mother, who is relentlessly hounded by paparazzi and scrutinized by the media while just trying to live a normal life with her son… because signing up to be followed around by a camera crew for a show to be broadcast to millions totally qualifies as “normal,” right?

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