Lamenting the fact that his hangovers were getting worse as he got older, one Slate writer ran to the local drugstore on the advice of musician Jason Isbell. Pedialyte, Isbell told The New York Times Magazine, will get you back to form. “It’s like 10 Gatorades in one bottle.” When he got to the store, he was even more excited to find that Pedialyte comes in freezer pop form.

The next morning, after a night at the bar, Nell McShane Wulfhart needed one of those Pedialyte pops. “Cold, sweet, and refreshing, the pops were the most pleasant way I’d ever found to get fluids back into my body,” he says.

All of that is great, but Pedialyte is really meant to help sick children with the occasional tummy ache, not a lush adult who has bellied up to the bar a couple times too many. So is this the kind of off-label use that works in Pedialyte’s favor?

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