Margaret Heffernen is upset. She writes in a BNET blog post, titled, “Don’t Waste Money on a PR Firm: 4 Smarter Ways to Get Press” that “every PR agency I’ve ever worked with proved to be disappointing.”

Heffernen’s complaints are nothing new. We hear them a lot from folks who paid an agency a $5,000 retainer – or more – and then received “no results.”

She continues: “Over the years, I’ve talked to many CEOs and Chief Marketing Officers and I’ve never found one that truly raved about their PR company.”

Hmm. Maybe Heffernen hasn’t spoken to Jason Putorti, the digital designer behind, who recently said:

PR was extremely high quality traffic for us, and the optics for the brand were undeniably good. We trounced all of our online competitors, including Quicken — who sent us legal threats. [Founder and CEO Aaron] Patzer talked to every outlet from Entrepreneur to Essence. was acquired by Intuit for $170 million.

The problem with Heffernen’s post is that she uses her experiences to categorize an entire industry.

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