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Papa John’s CEO Talks Workers’ Wages, Says Drivers Make Close to $20

schnatterPapa John’s CEO John Schnatter brought up a hot button topic while being interviewed for the Inc. GrowCo Conference: workers’ wages.

In his remarks, which Business Insider says were almost a “non sequitur,” Schnatter says his workers are well-paid.

“Remember, I don’t pay anyone minimum wage. The average driver makes way closer to 20 bucks an hour than 10,” he says. ”If we’re not taking care of our people, we’re going to lose good people at every level.” You can watch a clip of this portion of the interview here.

The comments are address an issue the company has been trying to get a handle on for some time. BI notes that “several” Papa John’s franchises in New York have been subpoenaed for under-paying their workers. This at a time where the minimum wage is being fiercely debated. A company spokesperson told the site that the investigation is looking more closely at restaurants that aren’t corporate-owned. Still, it’s damaging to the company’s reputation.

Papa John’s is also being sued by drivers for the ways in which they’re reimbursed for expenses.

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More #McFail: Managers Admit to Stealing Employee’s Money


They’re baaaaaaaaaack! 

Unfortunately for the Clown, McDonald’s just can’t stay out of the #PRFail spotlight.

When we last left this saga, McDonald’s was accused of kicking some old couple out on their keisters – canes, walkers, and all — for sitting too long. And as shameful as that was, there’s also the open case of slave labor under the veiled threat of deportation because that’s good for team morale.

Next up in the Clown’s PR issues, we have a story of former managers admitting they stole money from their miserly paid employees. This should be good.  Read more

More Congressional Fail: Elected Officials Think They Are Underpaid

recycle_congress_cover_ (2)

Meanwhile, back in reality … someone figure out how to do this. Please? 

It’s no secret that our U.S. Congress is full of more talking heads than Jeff Dunham’s closet. In fact, with a national record worst approval rating of nine percent, it’s a miracle they are still employed (but then again, that shows you how stupid voters are believing commercials, but that’s another story).

Earlier this year, we covered a report that came out about the U.S. Congress and Senate — they are mostly millionaires.

According to the Center of Responsive Politics (via USA Today), 48 percent of these elected officials sworn to vote on behalf of our good conscience (not theirs, whatevs), are millionaires. Now understand, they get paid — about $174,000. Not bad, right? Yet nearly half of them don’t drive their own car, don’t pay rent in their own home and rarely buy their own food.

And now, it gets even worse. These fools think they are underpaid… Read more

Ohio Walmart Holding A Food Drive For Its Own Employees Makes Us All Feel So Many Things

walmart food driveIn the midst of a nationwide discussion over whether we should raise the minimum wage, a Walmart in Canton, OH seems to be answering the question. The store is holding a Thanksgiving food drive to help the needy. The needy, in this case, are people who work for the store.

A photo of the collection bins (at right) has gone viral after being passed around by the group Our Walmart, which has been working with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union to unionize Walmart employees.

A spokesperson for the store, Kory Lundberg, explained that if you’re thinking maybe the company needs to pay workers enough so they don’t struggle to put food on the table for Thanksgiving, you’ve got it all wrong. This is something that has been going on for years, she says.

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McDonald’s Wants Employees to Seek Goverment Cheese and McHandouts

McTax DollarsIt’s no secret that working at a fast-food restaurant can be slightly taxing. Of course, I mean stress because there isn’t enough money in the fry guy’s wallet to be taxed in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the cashiers, drive-thru folk and cooks make the minimum wage but in this economy? People can’t even afford a Big Mac, much less to make them for others. I would imagine you wouldn’t be a good steward of people’s resources if you didn’t consider the plights of your employees from time to time.

So, a CSR program was invented by the home of the golden arches — Meet the McResources Line. This is a hotline the clown created to suggest options for its employees to get by…because they surely can’t do it on what they are earning.

This McJoke made national news thanks to 10-year employee Nancy Delgado. She has two kids and lives under the poverty line. We don’t know her. We can’t judge her. But McDonalds certainly has the resources to support her.

However, the smarmy operator had a better idea — make the government pay for you. Don’t believe me? Here’s the call and a quote from the Clown after the jump…

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