As members of the media, we know that one of the bigger challenges PR pros face is getting their content and their clients’ content into the right hands.

Of course we all have our mailing lists and Twitter columns–but a marketing platform called MyPRGenie, armed with the tagline “Turn Buzz Into Leads”, hopes to put everything you need to connect and push content to the best media contacts in the palm of your hand with its new “marketing suite” app. The company’s press release states that “Sales professionals have had access to this kind of data for years but this is the first time such a system has been added to a public relations platform”. We spoke to company founder and CEO Miranda Tan for details.

How did you build the database?

We focused on media contacts only. With the launch of the MyPRGenie crowdsourcing platform, we plan to use crowdsourcing and the latest technology to help us build the most up-to-date media database as oppose to the old fashion way of researching and mining for media contacts.
With the new app, users can “earn points” by providing media contacts for the database and “unlock” contacts for their own accounts. How does that work?