A few weeks ago we told you about Unbaby.Me, an app with the ability to rescue your Facebook newsfeed from a ceaseless onslaught of baby pictures. But what if the bane of your social media experience isn’t smiling toddlers, but an endless stream of pretentiousness in the form of upscale food photos and mentions of wine bars? Fear not! Mitsubishi and their PR partner 180 L.A. have your back.

While trying to come up with a way to portray the new 2013 Outlander Sport as a completely unpretentious vehicle that can still compete with more upscale cars in its class, Mitsubishi and 180 L.A. realized that many people find the sort of in-your-face pomposity that runs rampant on Facebook to be extremely annoying! Here’s their response:

In the words of 180 L.A. copywriter Kevin Steele: “It seems like every time we open up our news feed, we see an Instagram picture of a latte or someone vacationing in the South of France. We thought it would be hilarious to bring those people a little closer to Earth, and what better way to do that than with a car that is humbling the automotive industry, [the] 2013 Outlander Sport?” Read more